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Hello everybody, this site is dedicated to those who, like me, are obsessed with movies.

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Hi, my name is Rohan.

I’ve done a few things. I started out as an electrician but I hated it; as soon as I finished my 4-year apprenticeship, I found something else to do. Which happened to be working on my family’s banana farms, and after awhile that didn’t work out either.  I finally went to university and finished with a Bachelor of Commerce, luckily I found out that I’m interested in finance. Turns out I like money.

I’m a big movie fan.  I could watch movies all day and night and day again. I particularly like going to the cinemas. But don’t worry, I won’t drag you along if you don’t want to go.  I like going to bars, not so much nightclubs, they’re too loud and I can hardly hear someone speak.  It drives me insane having to repeat yourself over and over.  I like to have a few drinks, on occasion too many but so does everyone I suppose.  

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It took some time for me to realize how much I knew about and loved movies.  I could name barely known actors and quote entire movie scenes without really trying.  My love for movies nowadays has evolved into an obsession, you might say.  To dominate one’s thoughts.  I’m not talking about celebrity obsession, definitely not.  

I do have my favorite actors; however, I don’t care what he wears or who he fights/kisses/hates/loves.  I’m talking about movies.  That when you watch them, they stay with you.  You respect a character from a film so much that a week later you inadvertently notice you’re copying their behavior.  You respect a principle or message so much that it changes you.

At the moment, I’m living in Melbourne, which is pretty cool. I’ve spent time in Sydney and the Gold Coast. I’m originally from Nth Queensland so it’s taken me some time to catch on to AFL (that’s Australian Football League).  I haven’t adopted a team yet, still deciding.

I’m an honest person, a little too honest sometimes. Well, my therapist says that anyway. Not really, just kidding. I like to think I’m easy to get along with. I’m open minded about people and respect their opinions.  Oh yeah, I can boogie, I’ve been known to burn holes in dance floors.

Looking forward to get to know people on here and share our passion for film!


Why this site?


People think that watching movies all day long is a wasted day.  Maybe.  But I believe that cinema hits the subconscious levels of a person and that they don’t even realize what a profound effect that wasted day has probably had on them.  Well, I noticed. And now, I’ve created this site for those who have also noticed, so welcome and enjoy.



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Founder of MoviesChooseMe.com

Founder of HowtoHelpAcne.com

6 thoughts on “About Rohan

  1. Rohan,

    I must admit I don’t ever seem to have all day to watch movies, but I love the idea!

    I agree with the cinema hitting your subconscious, they figured out subliminal messaging a long time ago and that is proof enough for me since they had to ban that advertising technique.

    Your site offers a wealth of information, I really appreciate your efforts, thanks again,


    • Cheers Gary, glad to hear you like the site. A little bit of encouragement goes a long way. Warm regards Rohan.

  2. Hey Rohan,
    Spending all day watching films huh ? Geez your a lucky guy !
    Totes Jelo !

    • Hey Sonya,
      Haha, well probably not all day every day. But I try. Cheers for commenting.
      Warm regards,

  3. Holy! I have finally found a worthy enough website. That’s just as deticated. Have you got Facebook?

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