Actors Who Can Fight

5 Stars Who Really Know How to Fight



There has been a link between fighting and Hollywood for a long time. The combination of having choreographed fighting moves and acting skills has proven to be a big winner in action movies. Though it’s not a requirement to making it in Hollywood, many action stars come from fighting backgrounds. Others learned martial arts or boxing along the way. Here is a look at five action star that also excel in the sport of fighting.



Gina Carano is an MMA fighter turned actorGina Carano- Gina started as a women’s MMA champion and has put her fighting success to good use in films. She has a kickboxing  record is 15 wins with only 1 loss, and an MMA fighting record is 7 wins 1 loss. She has starred on Gladiators and Fast and Furious 6. Now, she’s working on two movies this year and is scheduled for another in 2016.



Sean Patrick Flannery- Flannery has an impressive number of films and television appearances under his belt. His “belt” is a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu. He also teaches this very successful fighting style.


Jackie Chan- Chan is the godfather of martial arts movies. His appearances with Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon and Fists of Fury anointed him the heir to the throne in Chinese martial arts films, and now Chan’s career spans the globe.


Chuck Norris.  From the air force to martial art expert to actorChuck Norris- The most famous American star with a great martial arts background is Chuck Norris. A student of Bruce Lee, he got his first film break in the iconic movie Return of the Dragon. He was also in several movies and television shows, most notably Walker, Texas Ranger. He now teaches a style he calls Chun Kuk Do, a derivative of Tang Soo Do, his primary discipline, that includes techniques he has learned from many other styles.


Tony Jaa- Jaa has credentials in both training and the movies. At age eight he forced his parents to allow him to train with Panna Rittikrai where he learned several types of martial arts and got a basic training doing stunts for martial arts movies. He now has several movies under his belt with both starring and supporting roles. He is in the vanguard of a new generation of fighting action stars.

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