Hollyood Actresses & Actors Who Had Acne


These are the names of Hollywood actors who had acne; and like us, were cursed with acne prone skin. The biggest male and female stars who also had their fair share of dermal problems.  It proves how mortal we ALL are.  But it also proves that these people didn’t let pimples stand in their way of success and living life.


When Even through the glitz and the glam of Hollywood, famous people can still battle blemished skinlisting these people I felt two things.  The first is that I felt bad, or sorry for them that even years later someone (in this case, me) is still twisting the knife.  By making an acne list and putting their names on it, like they will never escape that period of their life.  But secondly, and as far as I’m concerned, more importantly.  I felt encouraged.  That someone may see these names and know that even the biggest stars and most beautiful people in the world, still get acne.


These guys were tarred with the same brush and came out on top!


I’ve tried to find what they did to purge that ghastly inflammation.  Or, what they are doing to manage their skin.  Nothing better than a celebrity acne cure!  However, there is a great site with heaps of valuable tips and acne product reviews here.



The 10 Actors Who Had Acne

1. Unbelievably, Brad Pitt had bouts of acne in his younger days. Goes to show, there is life after acne.Brad Pitt  (Troy, Fight Club)


I’ve got nothing against any of the other actors on this list because everyone on here has beyond exceptional acting abilities.  However, Brad’s the best.  He has been in so many memorable roles in so many great movies, it’s unbelievable.  And, the old adage applies here, “Every man wants to be him, and every woman wants to be with him.”  Or, maybe it’s the other way around.  But you get the point.


The point I’m getting at is that Brad Pitt is a good looking man with through-the-roof acting skill and talent.  Yet, he has visible acne scars.  From which he apparently suffered as a teen and early adult.  The prime example of acne getting the best of someone.


2. Woody Harrelson  (Zombieland, The Thin Red Line)

Woody Harrelson is one of the Hollywood actors who had acne. He fixed it by simply staying away from dairy. I read somewhere once that Woody had acne up until he was 24.  Then by the grace of God find out that he should stay of dairy products.  Turns out he was intolerant.  Although, dairy isn’t the best for acne anyway.  Once he weaned himself off dairy his skin cleared up.


3. Laurence Fishburne  (Contagion, Matrix)

Suffered acne for most of his career leading to acne scars.  Doesn’t stop him from being a badass actor though.


4. Nicolas
 (Windtalkers, Ghost Rider)

Nic Cage goes all out.  He did the movie Birdy as a Vietname Nicolas Cage has scars has a result of infected acne.Vet with bandages being used for the role.  He kept it on that long that the acne beneath it got badly infected.  Commitment.


5. Dane Cook  (Good Luck Chuck)

Dane Cook’s acne scars clearly show in some scenes of Good Luck Chuck.  Some of the lighting I imagine could have been better or something.  But anyhow, his comic was on track making for an hilarious movie.  Seriously, I loved it.


6. Daniel Radcliffe  (Harry Potter Series)

Harry Potter himself gets breakouts.


7. James Woods  (Casino, The General’s Daughter)

Yet another great actor who proved that acne scars can make a character.


8. Leonardo DiCaprio  (Inception, J. Edgar)

PLeonardo DiCaprio fought zits as a teenager and adolescentrobably got away scot-free with acne scars.  But definitely had his time with pimples.  Not surprisingly though, he made this list since we’ve been watching him in front of the screen since he was a kid.  A good actor that keeps delivering.


9. Ray Liotta  (Goodfellas, Charlie St. Cloud)

Ray Liotta never ceases to amaze.


10. Dennis C. Stewart (Grease, Grease 2)

Even in the movie Grease where he plays Leo they called him Craterface.  So imagine the grief this guy would have copped growing up.  Not only would his acne have been more than severe but then to leave terrible scars on his face.  This actor’s plight put my acne into perspective.  I wasn’t even on the Richter scale in comparison.


The 10 Actresses Who Had Acne

1. Salma Hayek  (Desperado, Grown Ups)

HadThe Mexican actress Salma Hayek was a victim of acne in the past. To the point of severe depression. acne when she first went to Hollywood and from it suffered a deep depression.  Saying she couldn’t even go outside and ended up not being able to pay the bills.  That’s pretty intense.


2. Emma Stone  (Aloha, Birdman)

She first had hormonal acne as a teen.  Then dad acne caused from stress during Easy A which was she says was video-airbrushed out.  To ward off further skin problems she has been quoted, “Keep a strict skin care routine.”


3. Megan Fox  (Transformers)

Hard to believe Megan Fox has had issues in the past with blemishes.  However, it is allegedly so.


4. Kiera Knightley  (Pride and Prejudice)

Kiera Knightley having acne surprised me when doing research for this post.  There you go, Kiera Knightley had acne.


5. Jessica Alba  (Into the Blue)

I used to be in love It is surprising that starlets like Scarlet Johannson get acne. We're all human.with Jessica Alba……Who am I kidding?  I still am.  I don’t care if she had or has acne.  I would still massage her feet every night.  And, brag to all my mates.


6. Scarlett Johannson  (Avengers, Match Point)

Her solution?  Never goes to sleep with make-up on and cleanse her make-up brush scrupulously once a week.  I’m sure there would be more than that, however, it sounds like a good place to start for girls.


7. Olivia Munn  (Deliver Us from Evil)

Was once an advocate of Proactiv, not sure if she still is?  But hey.  If it worked for her (and you believe it did) and you believe in harsh topical creams then by all means go for it.  All I remember from Proactiv is a burning face and bleached bed sheets and towels.  Expensive sheets too.  Not happy.  I more these days go for an all natural treatment.


8. Amanda Seyfried  (10 Ways to Die in the West, Les Miserables)

YepCameron Diaz has battled acne since her teenage years. Her management of it comes down to diet and some therapy..


9. Eva Longoria  (The Sentinel)

And, Eva too.


10. Cameron Diaz  (Something About Mary, Knight and Day)

Suffered acne from her teenage years to early and late adulthood.  Diaz credits healthy eating and lifestyle toward better skin.  Her aesthetician says he also helps with the use of microdermabrasions and blue light therapy.




If you had acne or you still have it, there’s the proof it doesn’t rule your life.  Especially, when it is still present, the feeling of inferiority and shame is sometimes unbearable.  And, when it is gone there is always that unwanted feeling that someday it might come back.


However, after witnessing these names you can be sure that acne is just a phase in your life.  Don’t let it rule yours.


Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below.





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