Best Movies to Cheer You Up

  What are your best movies to cheer you up?  Who never wants to laugh and be happy? Of course, everybody does. The world may be filled with chaos and problems, but everyone still needs to smile. You actually don’t need to have a lot of money to feel it. Happiness comes in many forms […]

Actors Who Can Fight

5 Stars Who Really Know How to Fight     There has been a link between fighting and Hollywood for a long time. The combination of having choreographed fighting moves and acting skills has proven to be a big winner in action movies. Though it’s not a requirement to making it in Hollywood, many action […]

Movies That Make You Smarter: Look And Listen!

Movies that make you smarter can entertain.  They move us emotionally and spiritually, make us laugh, or cry.  It can provoke thought.  There have been so many times when people have experienced something, an inkling of something from watching a movie that enlightens.  So….. They improve and motivate us!! Especially if a remarkable story about […]

Bible Quotes in Movies

  Listed are the best bible quotes in movies.  I get tingles when I listen to these scenes and I’m not even a big follower of religion.  I have read parts of the bible but I’ve only ever really attended church for funerals and weddings.  There is something comforting and empowering by these bible verses […]

Famous Movie Couples for Costume Ideas

                      A great selection of famous movie couples for costume ideas and themes, that both you and yours can use.  Everyone should know and love them so you’ll be sure to receive recognition and high praise (if not, those people aren’t weren’t knowing!)   The Top 21 Famous Movie Couples […]

Scary Movies Based On True Stories

We don’t like scary movies at the best of times but when they are based on true stories, your hairs stand on end. At MoviesChooseMe, we enjoy more the motivational, moving and uplifting tones of film but every now and then there are movies we know we shouldn’t watch but do anyway.  Films that we know […]

Can Zombies Really Happen? – World War Z

The actual undead?  Bash’em over the head till they stop moving?  Can zombies really happen?  No.  Ahem *throat clearing*.  Not Quite.  And I say that because there is some scary stuff that could one day become what may closely resemble a Zombie apocalypse and wipe us all out.   I’m here hopefully to try educate you, […]

Argh! The Perfect World Has No Hangovers

Even though the suggestions for the 3 most awesome hangover cures here may seem like they come from Zach Galifianakis’ character Alan Garner.  I’m trying to suggest stuff that isn’t conventional but has been tried and tested and working for me.   I am Australian so I don’t mind drowning myself in rum and having a big night on […]