Best Christian Bale Quotes

Here is a list of the best Christian Bale quotes.  He has had leading roles in Batman Begins, The Prestige, American Psycho, Reign of Fire, and many other films.  Christian Bale has developed a reputation as a talented method actor fiercely dedicated to his craft.   Bale currently holds the record for losing the most weight for a […]

Top Genius Movies | The Real Geniuses

The best movies about geniuses are always the ones that are based on the true stories of incredible people.  It’s captivating and inspiring to watch brilliance in any shape of form.  But the best is to watch figures who actually existed have their extraordinary feats be put onscreen.   Here are the Top Genius Movies Based on True Events   […]

Movies That Help Boost Self-Confidence

  MOVIES THAT HELP BOOST self-confidence have characters and actors that possess the business acumen, social wit or mental toughness that we’d like to have.  An onscreen role model is someone we can relate to, admire, and want to be.  I love these movies and characters and the motivation that they give me. Maybe they’ve overcome a […]

Movies That Make You Smarter: Look And Listen!

Movies that make you smarter can entertain.  They move us emotionally and spiritually, make us laugh, or cry.  It can provoke thought.  There have been so many times when people have experienced something, an inkling of something from watching a movie that enlightens.  So….. They improve and motivate us!! Especially if a remarkable story about […]

Treatment for a Bulging Disc – Syriana

Here I explain my treatment for a bulging disc; a topic I know very well, unfortunately.  I’m 26 years of age and have been living with 2 herniated discs for approximately 5 years now.  I can’t believe I haven’t written about this sooner since it so drastically changed my life and continues to in almost every […]

Conquer Fears – After Earth Style

Sterling quote provided below by Cypher (Will Smith).  Fears.  We’ve all got them.  I know I’ve got my fair share.  I want to conquer fears.  In this post, I’d like to talk about only two of them though, my biggest ones.  My fear of flying.  My fear of public speaking.  I’m pretty sure there would be only […]