Death Star Ice Cube – I’m Afraid The Deflector Shield Will Be Quite Operational When Your Friends Arrive!!

Death Star Ice Cube

Death Star Ice CubeThis is going to be short and sweet.  I was Star Wars obsessed, I had the LEGOs, the costumes and watched the movies over and over again.  So when I came across these I felt compelled to let everyone know about them bad boys.  If you love Star Wars as much as me, you’ll appreciate cooling down your firewater with a Death Star Ice Cube!  

I used to have a Han Solo poster on the wall in my room when I was young chap.  The thing is these days you’ve probably got kids of your own now and your wife won’t let you hang it up anymore!  You can still reminisce with these cool looking ice cubes rattling around in your glass.

I couldn’t get over this, when I found it on Pinterest.  I had to let readers know they existed.  Give one a whirl!!

MCM’s Rohan.


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