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A great selection of famous movie couples for costume ideas and themes, that both you and yours can use.  Everyone should know and love them so you’ll be sure to receive recognition and high praise (if not, those people aren’t weren’t knowing!)


The Top 21 Famous Movie Couples for Costume Ideas and Themes


1.  The Addams Family – Gomez and Morticia (Raul Julia, Angelia Huston)Gomez and Morticia one of-the Best Famous Movie Couples for Costume Ideas

Attend a party as the Goth themed, death obsessed couple who rule the roost.  This one has been my favourite since watching my brother and his wife go as Gomez and Morticia.  They pulled it off spectaturly.


2.  Kill Bill – Beatrix “Black Mamba AKA The Bride” Kiddo and Elle “California Mountain Snake” Driver (Uma Thurman, Daryl Hannah)

The Black Mamba or The Bride outfit from the movie Kill Bill worn by Uma ThurmanThis costume idea goes out to all the heroines including the tomboys and bad girls.  Picture it now, one of you have that strikingly flashy yellow suit Uma wears carrying a katana.  The other wearing a nursing uniform, sporting an eye patch with the Red Cross symbol.  All the while, you both can herald your entrance whistling “A Twisted Nerve”.

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3.  Grease – Danny and Sandy (John Travolta, Olivia Newton John)Danny and Sandy Film Costume Party

A timeless classic with possibly the best onscreen couple.  Imagine going to a costume party as Danny and Sandy cladded in tight black dress; you’d be the envy of the party.  Everybody would be checking out the cute couple, and wondering if you now dance and sing for them.


4.  The New World & Pocahontas– Pocahontas and Captain John Smith and/or John Rolfe (Q’orianka Kilcher, Colin Farrell, Christian Bale)

Pocahontas outfit Native AmericanJohn Smith costume from PocahontasYeah, maybe.  This isn’t the greatest suggestion, however, it is surprising how many times I’ve seen it.  I think this is why, let me explain.  Pocahontas is sexy so guys if you want to show off your better half to all your friends, by all means this one is for you.  And, ladies the same applies with John Smith…..kinda.

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5.  Romeo + Juliet – Romeo and Juliet (Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes)

Personally, I wouldn’t do this.  I found it would be more for a younger couple who are both barely twenty years of age.  Then it would be quite charming.  Make sure you have rehearsed some of Shakespearean quotes or lines from the tragic tale or its movie by Baz Luhrmann.

Romeo and Juliet Movie Couple Costume Idea


6.  Pulp Fiction – Jules and Vincent (Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta)Vincent and Jules Film Costume Party

This idea is for the blokes.  The suits that you and your buddy are wearing must be drenched in blood.  These blokes to the left didn’t think of that obviously.  But I reckon this will be distinguishable immediately to the other guests at the party, and they’ll love you.  You both might even go home with something under your arms.  Never know, you’s are the coolest cats there.


7.  MIB – J and K (Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones)MIB Agents J and K Film Costume Party

Much like the suggestion above except for the blood but add some space guns and people will tell the who you are.  Next costume party I go to, I’m either going dressed in black suits with black shades on………with no fingerprints.


8.  Cleopatra – Marc Antony and Cleopatra (Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor)Cleopatra and Marc Antony Best Onscreen Duo Costume Party Ideas

Go to the celebration as the ever so glorious couple of the ancient world.  I went to a Toga party once and a couple there showed their ingenuity by coming as Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra.


9.  The Flintstones – Fred and Wilma (John Goodman, Elizabeth Perkins); Barney and Betty (Rick Moranis, Rosie O’Donnell)The Flintstones Fred and Wilma Costume

If you do this one and anybody asks you are you supposed to be, quietly walk away.  The Flintstones were a large part of my childhood and although the movie probably could have been better.  The cartoon has cemented Fred and Wilma and Barney and Betty a spot on this list.


10.  Star Trek – Captain Kirk and Spok (Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto)

Another one for a buddy duo.  I’m guessing there might be a fight for who is going to be Spok with this costume idea.  But if you come with me, I’ll let you be him.  I think Chris Pine’s portrayal of Captain Kirk is proper boss like.  So shotgun.


11.  Super Mario Bros. – Mario and Luigi (Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo)Mario and Luigi Famous Costume Couples

 An oldie but a goodie.  This would tie in well with a short and tall friend.  And it doesn’t have to stop there either.  There is room for Toad, Bowser, Yoshi and Princess Peach.  You could run that party, Mushroom Kingdom style.


12.  Juno – Paulie and Juno (Michael Cera, Ellen Page)Juno Top Movie Couples Costume Party Ideas

Yes!!!  I can’t believe I thought of this, but I’m glad I did.  This is the newest famous movie couple entry.  Everybody has seen the movie so everybody is going to know who you are if you rock up dressed as the high schooling soon-to-be parents.  The female, of course, goes as a pregnant teenager while the male dresses as Michael Cera does.  A track runner with the headband and everything.


13.  Star Wars – Han Solo and Princess Leia (Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher)

Hell yeah.  Especially if the female component of the couple went as Princess Leia Princess Leia and Han Solo Movie Theme Costume Partyas the captive of Jabba the Hut.


14.  The Simpsons Movie – Homer and Marge (Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner)Homer and Marge Costume Party

Envision yourself sitting there at this costume party needing no excuse for your inexcusable behaviour other than saying you’re Homer Simpson.  And girls, Marge is cool too. This is another one where you could include Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Abe Simpson.


15.  Avatar – Jake Sully and Neytiri (Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana)

Avatar Jake Sully and Neytiri Great Movie Couple Costume IdeasI love these weird, blue aliens.  And I’d love to go dressed as one to a party.  So I went with someone also dressed as my Na’vi counterpart then I’d be unstoppable.  I’d be rolling drunk telling stories about weird tale sex with blue aliens and flying creatures.  Wanna go with me?


16.  Pretty Woman – Edward Lewis and Vivian Ward (Richard Gere, Julia Roberts)Pretty Woman Famous Movie Couples

And to finish off strong.  A great yet unusual tale of love that was expressed cinematically.  The man dressed as a snobby New York businessman with their lovely sweetheart that they love so much is dressed as a skanky prostitute.  The movie ended well so I’m sure you’re night will as well if you decide this one is for you.


17.  Van Helsing – Dracula and his Brides (Richard Roxburgh, Silvia Colloca, Josie Maran, Elena Anaya)Dracula and Bride Best Costumes from Films

Completely overdone.  But if you did it with three friends who are girls then that is something original and awesome.  The problem for me is that I don’t have three friends that are girls, I’m more of a man’s man.  So I’d just have to go as Dracula.  Groan.


18.  The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Dr Frank N. Furter and Riff Raff (Tim Curry, Richard O’Brien)Riff Raff and Dr Furter Best Film Couple Costume Party Ideas

For the bravest of the costume revellers.  This requires dressing in drag, if that’s your thing then no worries, but if it’s not?  Your friends are going to have a field day paying out on you.  Although it would be funny; just watch out for anything that might accidently pop out too.  There could be children at this party.


19.  Clash of the Titans – Perseus and Medusa (Sam Worthington, Natalie Vodianova)Perseus and Medusa Movie Costume Ideas

I credit this movie as the lightbulb in my brain for writing this post.  I didn’t exactly think of it as a couple at first but simply going somewhere as Perseus and holding the Medusa’s head.  Then I thought, “Medusa would be able to party, let’s bring her along too.”


20.  Aladdin – Aladdin and Jasmine (Disney Film)

Costumes from the Disney movie Aladdin. Including Jafar, The Genie and JasmineThis brings back memories.  One of my favorite movies growing up as a kid.  I still have some really hard feelings against Jafar, he epitomizes everything that’s evil.  This is also around the same time I developed a love for Robin Williams.  Even as a kid in a cartoon I could tell it was him.  RIP.  Dead Poet Society and Good Will Hunting, respect.


21.  Cool Runnings – Derice and Sanka (Leon, Doug E. Doug)

Feel the rhythm, feel the ride, c’mon Jamaica, it’s bobsled time!  Imagine that, if you went as two Olympians from the Jamaican bobsled team based on the 1993 hit sports comedy.



There it is, twenty ways you and your other half can go to a party and be the best dressed!  These famous movie couples for costume ideas are just the beginning though I’m sure there are more, can you think of any others?  My pick of the bunch was Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction but I’m sure you have yours, so let me know!

Thanks for reading.  Feel free to comment.  Yours faithfully MCM’s Rohan.


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