A Bridge Too Far

What is A Bridge Too Far about?

An oldie but a goodie (1977).  This movie is about the failed allied operation to end WWII early codenamed Market Garden.  It’s got it all bombs, bullets and banter.  I like this movie for 3 reasons.  It has multiple stories.  These multiple stories involve all allied nations, US, British, Irish, Scottish, Polish, and the Dutch resistance co-operating as one.  And thirdly, the all-star cast.  It’s incredible, you wonder how they got them all in one movie.  Sean Connery, James Caan, Robert Redford, Anthony Hopkins, Gene Hackman, Laurence Olivier, and Michael Caine just name a few!  And with Richard Attenborough directing it’s definitely up there.



How did this movie make me feel?

Apart from the pure elation of watching all these old lion actors take part in an incredible war movie.  My emotions were a little mixed.  This is a movie where you could argue that Nazi Germany came out on top and and nobody really wants to see that.  It kinda pissed me off not to see this operation succeed, it would have ended the war by Christmas 1944 and I don’t like seeing the Allies getting hammered then not win.


Favorite Part:  

Anthony Hopkins’ character Lt. Col. John Frost is in charge of the battle at Arnhem.  A German officer approaches them on a bridge.  His friend Major Carlyle (Christopher Good) has to speak to this German officer holding a white flag about the British surrender.  Both Frost and Carlyle seemingly belittle the German officer and its hilarious.  They send him back with a message to his superior to “got to hell.’  Brilliant.


Favorite Actor:

Michael Caine in this is brilliant as a Lieutenant-Colonel in charge of an Armored Division.


A scene out of A Bridge Too Far

A scene out of A Bridge Too Far


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