What is Defiance about?                                                                               

I’m really stunned that this film doesn’t receive the attention and praise that it deserves.  Again, it’s a true story about a family of Jewish brothers who during WWII save over 1000 Jews while fighting the Nazis.  It’s got some great acting by Daniel Craig and Liev Schrieber as the elder brothers who have a bitter sibling rivalry and each fight and save people in their own way.



How did this movie make me feel?

Daniel Craig portrays Tuvia Bielski

Daniel Craig portrays Tuvia Bielski

Awesome.  This movie is about the Jewish firing bullets back and I was ecstatic.  And noone does it better than Daniel Craig and Liev Schrieber.  There were a few moments in the movie where I leapt out of my seat because I couldn’t have guessed what was going to happen next.


Favorite Part:  

This is going to sound sick but when Tuvia (Daniel Craig) shoots the leader of a mutiny in the Jewish camp.  This leader promotes unfairness and maliciousness toward the weak and elderly so Tuvia deals with it, quite abruptly.


Favorite Actor:

Daniel Craig.  Although Liev Schreiber puts in a solid effort.  I guess I might be a bit biased on that one because I’m a big fan of Daniel Craig.


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