Flags of Our Fathers


What is Flags of Our Fathers about?

During the battle of the island Iwo Jima, during the WWII’s Pacific Theatre Campaign, six American soldiers were photographed raising their country’s flag after an intense battle against Japanese forces and inadvertently inspired a nation.  This is their story.

Directed by Clint Eastwood.  Starring Barry Pepper, Paul Walker, Ryan Phillippe, Jamie Bell, Neal McDonough, Robert Patrick, and Adam Beach


How did this movie make me feel?

Like any visually authentic war film, it made me cringe.  I hope I never have to go to war.  I get tingles up my back whenever I see bravery beyond words though.


Favorite Part:  

The actual raising of the flag.  It’s beautiful to watch, you’ve seen the photograph one million times and you’ve seen the memorial but when you watch it in motion, phwoar!!  Incredible.


Favorite Actor:

Barry Pepper portrays Michael Strank who is an absolute warrior in every sense of the word.  Read his story here.  Pepper though is just a captivating actor and doesn’t let you down in this film either.


Raising of the Flag of Iwo Jima

Raising of the Flag of Iwo Jima


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