What is Gallipoli about?                                                                                 

I am an Australian so I simply can’t go past this one, a movie about Australian soldiers also known as ANZACS (Australian New Zealand Army Corps) or Diggers doesn’t happen too often so I couldn’t resist.  It stars Mel Gibson in one of his first major film roles and centers around the battle that took place in Gallipoli, Turkey during World War I.  It’s about two mates, how they met in outback Australia, follows their training and finally their eventual struggles on the frontline.



How did Gallipoli make me feel?

GallipoliIt oozes typical larrikin humor and dry laconic phrases that is associated with Australian speech.  All the while, a more serious undertone is forever lingering with inevitable departure for a war, two Australian friends will fight.  It makes me proud to watch this, and I like how Aussies are portrayed in this.



Favorite Part:

The ending where Archie Hamilton played by Mark Lee is preparing himself for a charge at the Turkish by repeating what his sprint coach used to say to him.  It’s heartbreaking because you know it’s the end for him.


Favorite Actor:

Mel Gibson.  It’s amazing his performance here and it’s sensational to know that such a Hollywood star understands and portrays what it is to be Australian so well. By the way, he has to be in the next Mad Max movie!


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