Rules of Engagement



What is Rules of Engagement about?

Tommy Lee Jones as Col. Hays "Hodge" HodgesA U.S. Marines Colonel is accused and put on trial for the murdering of 83 civilians during a riot outside the U.S. Embassy in Yemen.  For his defense he asks a lawyer friend of his who he once served with in Vietnam.  Political corruption, tampered evidence and a brilliant and bright prosecutor just about ensures his conviction – death.

Directed by William Friedkin.  Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones, Ben Kingsley, Anne Archer, Bruce Greenwood and Guy Pearce.


Favorite Actor:

Samuel L. Jackson as Colonel Terry Childers.  Jackson plays a battle-hardened, veteran combat leader extraordinarily well.  I find motivation in his character because of his assertiveness and rectitude.  He stands up for the rights of himself and his men.  He had to make a tough decision to save lives and he didn’t want to kill unless he truly had to.  

But within his steeled exterior as well, is an intelligent man with a mountain of discipline.


Favorite Part:  

I like a good war film and I also like a good court room film as well so this film works out well for me.  I love the part where he is questioned by the prosecutor (Guy Pearce) and rehearses the rules of engagement.  

Although he loses his composure in this scene and admits to “wasting the motherfuckers”, you can still side with him because I felt you can see his word choice was just careless profanity under a great deal of pressure in a life and death situation.

Flag of the United States Marine Corps

Flag of the United States Marine Corps


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