The Great Escape

What is The Great Escape about?

Based on true account of an escape from the German POW camp Stalag III and with an all star cast, The Great Escape is a must have for any serious DVD collection.



How did this movie make me feel?                                                        

The Great Escape Real "Harry" Tunnel

The Great Escape Real “Harry” Tunnel

Unbelievable movie, who could forget Steve McQueen’s epic motorbike ride across the Polish country side?  Although this movie is a WWII film and therefore has some serious scenes, I can’t help but feel a little lightheartedness sometimes.  The theme song doesn’t help.  It’s so upbeat.  All the actors seem like they’re having a bit of fun sometimes too.  It is a great mix of humor and drama without diminishing or playing down the entire plot of the movie.

Favorite Part:  

After Steve McQueen’s character Captain Virgil Hilts aka ‘The Cooler King’ is caught near the end, I love his heroic walk past his fellow inmates back to solitary confinement and then hearing him throw the ball against the wall again.


Favorite Actor:  

No doubt, Steve McQueen.  However with such a cast, it is also worth mentioning James Coburn.



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