The Last Castle

What is The Last Castle about?                                                                

Robert Redford portrays Lt. Col. Eugene Irwin

Robert Redford portrays Lt. Col. Eugene Irwin

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this movie.  It’s been a few.  The film is set in a military prison where a Lieutenant General (Robert Redford) is sentenced for disobeying orders; and from the President I might add.  The story focuses on the brutality the inmates suffer much to the chagrin of Robert Redford’ character and he makes it his mission to rectify the situation.  James Gandolfini plays the commandant, who is obviously the antagonist of the film.



How did this movie make me feel?

This motivates me.  I really like Robert Redford’s character Irwin and his acumen and leadership skills.  This film as soon as it finishes makes me want to action to become someone like him.  I look up to people who have that raw intelligence yet have humility.


Favorite Part:  

I don’t know why this is my favorite part, but I like it at the start when Irwin (Robert Redford) arrives at the prison.  I’m guessing I like the respect that his character demands dressed as a General with 3-stars.  However, he now has to conform to prison rules and is stripped of his rank.


Favorite Actor:  

Robert Redford easily.  But he’d have to be one of my favorites in any movie, he always seems to steal scenes.


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