These are the movies with big shots and big stories.  I love seeing a sweeping scene over a battlefield or landscape where there is so much going on that your eyes can see it but your brain can’t process it.  Also, to see stories that take place over years or decades and witnessing the character evolve as he/she grows throughout the duration of the film is an extraordinary revelation.  

Listed under this heading are my favorites of this genre.



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2 thoughts on “Epic

  1. Rohan,
    As a baby boomer who did a tour in Vietnam, I enjoy the war movies. When 12 o’clock High was a weekly series on TV I would not miss a show. The movie is very good at teaching leaders how to lead people to get things done. Thanks for your information on this site.

  2. Thanks John
    To be honest I’ve never heard of 12 o’clock High but now that I have I’ll be sure to watch it. I just did a quick Google search on it and it looks like my kind of film. Gregory Peck received an Oscar nomination. I’ll be sure to add it to one of my lists in the future. Glad you liked my site.

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