The Dark Knight

The BatpodWhat is the Dark Knight about?The Tumbler

The second installment in the latest Batman trilogy.  I first saw this in a Gold Class Cinema in the CBD of Sydney and it gave me chills down my spine.  This movie takes place a couple of months after the events in Batman Begins.  There is a new villain of course, the ruthless and relentless Joker.  Batman fights for Gotham and for himself


What is the one thing that motivates me with The Dark Knight?

I admire the dedication and discipline of Bruce Wayne; firstly, to have become Batman, and secondly, to remain him.  Of course, there are the life-threatening situations he is constantly in that might deter Bruce Wayne from being Batman.  However, what of the none-threatening?  He never sleeps.  He can’t have normal friends.  He can’t drink alcohol.  He can never enjoy television.  His loneliness would be awful.  How does one motivate themselves?



Who is my favorite character?  Why?

Joker played by Heath Ledger.  It’s hard to explain, the Joker is sadistic and vile yet playful and alluring.  He’s fearless, the way he holds himself before being caught by the police when Batman near runs him over in the Batpod.  It’s chilling and hypnotic.  Heath Ledger did  something special here, *he did win an Oscar* the work he must of done to get into the psyche of this lunatic and push himself to the edge is incredible and I don’t have a word for the kind of admiration I have for him.


What this movie’s famous line?joker-calling-card

“He’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.  So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it.  Because he’s not our hero.  He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector.  A dark knight.” -Jim Gordon played by Gary Oldman.

What elemental message do I see?

You can choose to be either of 2 people.  You can be someone who has no morals and doesn’t care for other people over himself ever.  Or, be someone who has an unwavering moral standard who puts themselves over others no matter what even to the detriment of oneself.


What do the critics think?

Who cares.Why So Serious?


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