8 Mile


What is 8 Mile about?

A young, white man living in an under-privileged area of Detroit faces numerous obstacles in his everyday life.  After breaking up with his girlfriend and poverty stricken from a low paying job, he moves in with his mother at a squalid trailer park.  He strives to find acceptance and success in the rap scene dominated African-Americans.  His only out.

Directed by Curtis Hanson.  Starring Eminem, Mekhi Phifer, Anthony Mackie, Michael Shannon, Kim Basinger and Brittanny Murphy.  Also stars Obie Trice, Proof and Xzibit.


What is the one thing that motivates me with 8 Mile?

The struggle that the lead character Jimmy (Eminem) endures towers over my everyday trifles.  And, he pulls through.  It’s encouraging.  Near the end of the film my favorite scene is where he finally wins a rap battle and immediately returns to work, refusing his friends offer to party.  Throughout the feature you see this guy mature and grow as a man.  His pain fueled his drive and made him his success.


Who is my favorite character?  Why?

The protagonist “Jimmy” also known as “B. Rabbit” would have to be for sure.  To see someone grabbing life by the horns and wrestling it the ground incites greatness in others.  I want his ferocious determination to be king.


What this movie’s famous line?

Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith, Jr. portrayed by Eminem.

“Do you ever wonder at what point you just got to say fuck it?  Like when you got to stop living up here, and start living down here?”

What elemental message do I see?

Like the song “Lose Yourself” says don’t waste opportunities.  It’s hard to make them and even harder for them to happen by chance.  And, opportunities certainly don’t come along every day.


What do the critics think?

Who cares, I love it!



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