There Will Be Blood

What is There Will Be Blood about?

Set in the early 20th century, a prospector strives to become an oil tycoon.  On the road to untold fortunes though is personal and professional hardship; including the loss of his son’s hearing, the return of a long lost brother, the watchful eye of an evangelical preacher and the threat of big competition.


What is the one thing that motivates me with There Will Be Blood?

Since I’ve done a finance degree and I’m into wanting to become a big business man myself, I love Daniel Day-Lewis’ character Daniel Plainview in this.  Although Plainview is a ruthless dealer, almost tyrannical, I still do look up to his ambition.  Although I say tyrannical, I can take a leaf out his book because I’m too nice.  I need to become more assertive so watching this, I do strive to be more confident and insistent.  I also only have to watch the first 10 mins and see his struggle in his early days as a prospector to feel like I’ve been taking it way too easy on myself.  It makes me work harder and remind me that I need to rise and grind a bit more.


Who is my favorite character?  Why?

Unequivocally, Daniel Plainview.  As before mentioned, I like the character, even though he’s rude and abrasive.  I also like the character for another reason though.  He owns the screen.  You’d imagine this could be a boring movie for some, but if you just watched it, you’ know it’s mesmerizing see Day-Lewis’ portrayal.  There is comedic value in what he does, his face expressions, his laconic retortions.  Then there are the moments when it’s moderately confronting to watch when he beats people or kills them.


What this movie’s famous line?

Daniel Plainview played by Daniel Day-Lewis

“Drainage.  Drainage!  Eli, you boy. Drained Daniel Plainview Signaturedry.  I’m so sorry.  Here, if you have a milkshake, and I have a milkshake, and I have a straw.  There it is.  That’s a straw, you see?  Watch it. Now, my straw reaches across the room and starts to drink your milkshake.  I!  drink!  your!  milkshake!  I drink it up!”

What elemental message do I see?

There could be two heThere Will Be Bloodre.  The first, be wary of people like Daniel Plainview.  As Iago states in Othello “When devils will the blackest sins put, they do suggest at first with heavenly shows.”  Then, the second, which you could feel, is contradictory to the first.  There is a part of you that wants to be Daniel Plainview.  He’s a merciless entrepreneur, and I’m quite certain the majority of us want to be someone similar.  I definitely do, minus the murdering.  But I know in myself if I’m going to succeed, it won’t be through his tactics of deceit and exploitation.  So the message is, have his unyielding drive but not his immorality.  It is possible.


What do the critics think?

Who cares, I love it!


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