Public Enemies


My favorite line?

John Dillinger Mugshot

John Dillinger Mugshot, look at that devilish grin.

John Dillinger played by Johnny Depp

We’re having too good a time today, we ain’t thinking about tomorrow.

The plot:

During the depression, the hard times gave way to men who took what they wanted by any means; the men eventually became “Public Enemies”.  They robbed banks, escaped prisons and killed anybody who got in the way.  The most notorious of these criminals was John Dillinger.  This movie follows his last few months.


The actual facts:

Public Enemies Filmset

Public Enemies Filmset

Obviously the facts are a bit distorted so Hollywood can get the most bang for its buck; however, in general this film wasn’t too bad.  The are a few inconsistencies with who killed who and when.  And who broke who out of where and why.  But other than that, it’s quite real.  The characters were all real people.  Some of the scenes were shot where the actual events happened.


Why it makes me think, “F***, got to get moving!”

I realize the guys in this film are criminals and I don’t condone what they did.  But it blows me away how young they were.  It provides a spark for me.  When you watch these guys in this movie and read about them, they strike you as these almighty, timeless figures.  Granted, they broke the law and killed people but they were go-getters.  In this day and age if these guys were still around, I don’t think they’d waste their time watching sitcoms.  They’d be in the grind somewhere.

There ages at the time the movie was set in, which for most was the age they were killed:

John Dillinger (31) portrayed by Johnny Depp

Baby Face Nelson (25) portrayed by Stephen Graham

Pretty Boy Floyd (30) portrayed by Channing Tatum

Red Hamilton (35) portrayed by Jason Clarke

Alvin Karpis (27) portrayed by Giovanni Ribisi

Homer Van Meter (28) portrayed by Stephen Dorff

and Harry Pierpont (32) portrayed by David Wenham

Even the FBI (Bureau of Investigation at the time) agents themselves were relatively young men:

J. Edgar Hoover (39) portrayed by Billy Crudup

and Melvin Purvis (31) portrayed by Christian Bale.


How many times have I watched it?



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