The Aviator

Howard Hughes

The Real Howard Hughes

The plot:

This is a great motivational movie.  And, nobody makes movies like Martin Scorsese.  The story follows the aviation innovator Howard Hughes.  We see all his accomplishments with the struggles he had both personally and professionally.  His life was quite remarkable.  He was also plagued with severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which makes this film comical at times because his logic is so warped.  I also love in this film the characters included; we see Errol Flynn, Spencer Tracy and Jean Harlow among many others.  I would have loved to have seen a scene including Steve McQueen offering to break his nose though which did actually happen in real life.


The actual facts:

I couldn’t really find much if the movie deviated from actual events in his life or not.  I like to think then that what mostly happened in the film actually did occur.  This reiterates my point that Howard Hughes’ life is absolutely extraordinary, even though at times he would have been miserable as a consequence of his OCD.  It goes to show to that Scorsese and DiCaprio are really artists when depicting real life.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio portrays Howard Hughes

My favorite line?

Howard Hughes played by Leonardo Dicaprio

“Sometimes I truly fear that I…….am losing my mind.  And if I did it…… would be like flying blind.”


Why it makes me think, “Damn, got to get moving!”

Howard Hughes was visionary and didn’t listen to anybody when it came to the dubiousness of his decisions.  He was a young man who knew what he wanted and went about it how he thought it should be done.  I find a great deal of positiveness and encouragement from his audacity and ambition.  I, too, fall victim to a bit of OCD, checking that doors are locked 5 times before bed and worrying I’m going to burn the house down somehow so I can relate to what he went through although he was way more severe.


How many times have I watched it?



Hughes H-4 Hercules

A monstrosity of a plane, the Hughes H-4 Hercules, a large focus of the film is dedicated to Hughes’ determination to make this plane succeed.


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