Thirteen Days

The plot:

Soviet Military Buildup in Cuba

Soviet Military Buildup in Cuba

The shows what happened in the White House during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  It shows the intelligence and integrity of the Kennedy brothers and their closest adviser and friend, Ken O’Donnell.  The entire Kennedy administration use all avenues of diplomacy and deliberation to try and avoid what could have been a nuclear holocaust.  Stars Bruce Greenwood as John F. Kennedy, Steven Culp as Robert F. Kennedy, and Kevin Costner as Kenneth O’Donnell.


The actual facts:

The movie stayed really faithful to the actual events as quoted by staff who were present in the White House during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  However, Kevin Costner’s character Ken O’Donnell role in the crisis was actual another staff member Ted Sorensen.  Other than that, quite accurate.


My favorite line?

President John F. Kennedy played by Bruce Greenwood, said when he finds out his generals are preparing for war without his consent.

“I have the authority!  I am the commander in chief of the United States, and I say when we go to war!”


Why it makes me think, “Damn, got to get moving!”

I’m in awe of the Kennedy brothers Jack and Bobby.  They had it all, the looks, heart, brains, bravery, and the bravado.  I, especially, look up to JFK.  He was a war hero, a pilot, an author, a senator, and of course, president.  He’s an inspiration; I like listening to his speeches and thinking about all he accomplished in his short life.  So watching this movie, you sort of see him in action as a strong-willed, astute, brilliant president.

Jack and Bobby Kennedy


How many times have I watched it?



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