What is Alexander about?

There was a man once who during his time conquered almost the whole known world.  He’s known now as Alexander the Great.  He became king of all Greece and Macedon at the ripe old age of 20, conquered the mighty Persian Empire by 25, most of the known world by 31 and died King of All at 32.  His ambition was both his strength and weakness.  He was visionary who wanted to unite all the people and lands of his great empire which stretched from Greece to India and included Egypt and Asia Minor.  His life was one of war, sacrifice, torment and victory.  Watch the tale of one of the most loved and celebrated historical figures of all time.

Directed by Oliver Stone.  Starring Colin Farrell, Val Kilmer, Anthony Hopkins, Jared Leto, Angelina Jolie, Rosario Dawson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Toby Kebbell and Christopher Plummer.

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How come I think it’s great?

I think Alexander the Great’s story is beyond unbelievable.  I’m in awe of his achievements at such a young age.  He took himself further than he ever dreamed following his vision of unification and prosperity for all.  He didn’t listen to a single soul, only his own intuition.  His imagination was greater than anything or what anyone had ever conceived before him.  And you could probably argue since.


Why is it boycotted?

Good question.  I’ve read and heard that people think Colin Farrell was in over his head and didn’t do a good job which is rubbish; Colin Farrell nailed this role.  Same thing for Angelina Jolie but I think she was alright as well.  It was a long film but at no time did I ever get bored, but that’s just me.  I always think if there is story to tell and the movie is telling it well, it could go forever.  I can and will watch an entire TV series in a weekend though.  The narrating by Anthony Hopkins’ character Ptolemy was judged by some critics saying it became a little overbearing sometimes and deterred the viewer from what was actually happening.  I never felt that way.  To me this movie is perfect and I’ve seen it so many times.


What was the best scene?  And what does it accomplish?

I love the end scene where Ptolemy summarizes Alexander life and death.  That scene just spoke to me.  I still think of it now and it’s been 10 years since this movie has been released.  I’m paraphrasing but my take on it is that men who make history either intentionally or not are the ones who go against the grain.  They’re the men who don’t listen to the naysayers about what is possible or not.  Although with this greatness comes great sacrifice.  This scene is pure cinematic poetry.  It shot me to act, what about are you?  The best line Ptolemy says in this scene is below.


What is the best line?

Delivered by Ptolemy as an old man played by Anthony Hopkins.  He reflects his own life and Alexander’s.

“I never believed in his dream.  None of us did.  That’s the truth of his life.  The dreamers exhaust us.  They must die before they kill us with their blasted dreams…..

Oh, he could have stayed home in Macedonia, married, raised a family.  He’d have died a celebrated man.  But this was not Alexander.  All his life, he fought to free himself from fear.  And by this, and this alone, he was made free.  The freest man I’ve ever known.  His tragedy was one of increasing loneliness and impatience with those who could not understand.  And if his desire to reconcile Greek and barbarian ended in failure.  What failure!  His failure towered over other men’s successes.  I’ve lived.  I’ve lived long life Cadmos, but the glory and the memory of man will always belong to the ones who follow their great visions.  And the greatest of these is the one they now call Megas Alexandros.  The greatest of them all.”

What is the general message that it sends? 

Dream big and let nothing stand in your way.  Alexander couldn’t understand people who didn’t have dreams which drove him to want people to see his dream even more.  Chase your heart and let nothing stand in your way.

Alexander the Great Mosaic


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