Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World


What is Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World about?HMS Surprise

An early 19th century English corvette captained by a fearless and talented commander, Captain Jack “Lucky Jack” Aubrey (Russell Crowe) plays a game of cat and mouse in the seas off Brazil against a bigger and better enemy French warship.

Directed by Peter Weir.  Starring Russell Crowe, Paul Bettany, Billy Boyd and James D’Arcy.


How come I think it’s great?

It’s a great motion picture about military seafaring.  Russell Crowe as the english captain is a man you would follow.  I find inspiration in the way he leads his men.  He influences with strength and decisive action not looking for friendship but respect and distinction for king and country.


Why is it boycotted?

This film’s audience I think is a very small niche.  Ninety percent of the film takes place on the ship and if you’re not into old warships, gun powder, gravy for dinner and a watery abyss, you may watch this film and tell others not to.  It did quite well at the box office but for its cost, not so much.  In turn, a sequel was not made.  Over time, I’d say this film has gained momentum but still it is very under-rated.


What is the best line?  And what does it accomplish?

Captain Jack Aubrey portrayed Russell Crowe, when talking about midshipman that’s committed suicide.

“The simple truth is, not all of us become the men we once hoped we might be.  But we are all God’s creatures.  If there are those among us who thought ill of Mr Hollom, or spoke ill of him, or failed him in respect of fellowship, then we ask for your forgiveness Lord.  And we ask for his.”


What is the general message that it sends?

For me, take control.  There is a person I want to be and I’m not realizing it.  The above line encapsulates that for me.


Paul Bettany plays Dr. Stephen Maturin, the ship's doctor.

Paul Bettany plays Dr. Stephen Maturin, the ship’s doctor.


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