The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford


What is The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford about?

Exactly that.  Jesse James and his brother Frank were outlaws in old west who robbed and stole from only the wealthy and pretentious.  His notoritey was widespread and legendary.  After his gang dissovles and he semi retires wti hhis family to a secluded are with only two associates.  The authorities though still pursue him, resulting in his suspicions of old friedns.  However, it is not unfounded.  

Directed by Andrew Dominik.  Starring Brad Pitt, Jeremy Renner Casey Affleck, Sam Shepard and Sam Rockwell.


How come I think it’s great?

 I find inspiration in the real Jesse James.  Although James is an outlaw, it’s important to watch movies that follow men who show intelligence, ambition, and meticulousness.  I am don’t condone what he did but more the person behind the action and success.  A guy who thinks and leads.


Why is it boycotted?

 The film is lengthy.  And, I can see how someone could find it boring.  But I love Jesse James and this added a new dimension to him I think.  This movie isn’t a typical western with loose cowboys plucking each other off at every chance they get.  It’s story that has great character depth and relationships.  


What was the best scene?  And what does it accomplish?


I love this scene, not only does it show that Jesse knows something is up.  It also is a perfect example of how good Brad Pitt really is.  Pitt does a great job portraying the merciless outlaw to the point that you know he really is the bad guy in the film but you barrack for him anyway.  I read a review on this film by some critic and, for once, I agreed with what he had to say.  Jesse James knew Robert Ford was going to betray and murder him but let it happen anyway to ensure his immortality.

What is the best line?

“He was growing into middle age, and was living then in a bungalow on Woodland Avenue.  He installed himself in a rocking chair and smoked a cigar down in the evenings as his wife wiped her pink hands on an apron and reported happily on their two children.  His children knew his legs, the sting of his mustache against their cheeks. They didn’t know how their father made his living, or why they so often moved. They didn’t even know their father’s name.  He was listed in the city directory as Thomas Howard.  And he went everywhere unrecognized and lunched with Kansas City shopkeepers and merchants, calling himself a cattleman or a commodities investor, someone rich and leisured who had the common touch.  He had two incompletely healed bullet holes in his chest and another in his thigh.  He was missing the nub of his left middle finger and was cautious, lest that mutilation be seen.  He also had a condition that was referred to as “granulated eyelids” and it caused him to blink more than usual as if he found creation slightly more than he could accept.  Rooms seemed hotter when he was in them.  Rains fell straighter.  Clocks slowed.  Sounds were amplified.  He considered himself a Southern loyalist and guerrilla in a Civil War that never ended.  He regretted neither his robberies, nor the seventeen murders that he laid claim to.  He had seen another summer under in Kansas City, Missouri and on September 5th in the year 1881, he was thirty-four-years-old.”

A portrait of the real Jesse James

A portrait of the real Jesse James


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