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The Lawless Movie Cast is a fine ensemble.  It is befitting as well as a pleasure that MoviesChooseMe dedicates a feature to detailing the actors and their respective characters.

The Wettest County In The WorldThis fantastic movie is based on the true story/novel The Wettest County in the World by Matt Bondurant.  The book is about his grandfather and grand-uncles during the prohibition and details their bootlegging exploits.  Then, thank god, someone made a movie about it and threw in some of the best acting talent there is.

The movie takes place in Franklin County, Virginia and you get the feeling these guys don’t play about. There are some strong characters in this movie on both sides of the law, male and female, country and city folk.  I’ve listed the characters here with a bit of a profile and the actor who portrayed them.  I find this a great motivational movie about guys who do what they must to get what they want, no matter what.



The Bondurants’:

A family of three brothers who run a bootlegging business together


Forrest:  The middle brother and the head of the Tom Hardyoperation.  He can’t be killed and is the toughest, meanest sunnafabitch in the movie…… far.  Forrest doesn’t shy away from violence at all, in fact, I think he likes it to some extent.  However, he never provokes it.  Definitely a man’s man in this movie.

It is not the violence that sets men apart, alright?  It is the distance that he is prepared to go.”

Portrayed By: Tom Hardy

Born: 1977, he was 35 at the release of Lawless

Nationality: England

Best Work: Bronson

Best Known for: Playing characters who are the authority.  They’re usually tough and intelligent.

Other Works: Black Hawk Down; Band of Brothers; The Dark Knight Returns; Inception



Howard:  The oldest brother.  Howard is a brute and probably Jason Clarkedrinks his own moonshine a little too much.  This may stem though from his involvement in WWI and being the only survivor of his unit.  Although he is the elder of the three, you get the feeling he follows his brother Forrest’s lead.  He’s loyal and defends his brothers no matter what.

I couldn’t really quote my favorite line of Howard’s so I’ve put this clip in.  He’s the one trying to warn his brother about the police sneaking up on him in their woodland hidden distillery……….by roaring!



Portrayed By: Jason Clarke

Born: 1969, he was 43 at the release of Lawless

Nationality: Australia

Best Work: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Best Known for: Playing supporting characters who are hardened yet loyal

Other Works: Public Enemies; The Great Gatsby; Zero Dark Thirty



Jack:  The youngest but the most ambitious.  He’s the main protagonist and in my opinion the most entertaining.  I think because you get to see him grow and become who he wants to be.  I see a lot of myself in this guy because I also Shia LaBeoufhave brothers who are much more tougher and bolder than I am.  I look up to my brothers the same as Jack in this movie and try to replicate their behavior and standards as well.

“My brother Forrest once said, nothing can kill us.  We can’t never die.  The reason being that in the Great War, my eldest brother, Howard, saw his entire battalion drown in the sea, every last one of them.  He was the only survivor.  And Forrest, well, that same year, Spanish Lady Flu damn near wiped out the entire state.  Got Ma and Pa and Forrest, but against all the odds he somehow managed to fight it off.  So you could see why Forrest felt that way.  Me and my brothers are moonshiners, bootleggers.  In 1920 they paid us the Prohibition Act, making sale of alcohol illegal.  Well, at least it was supposed to be.”

Portrayed By: Shia Labeouf

Born: 1986, he was 26 at the release of Lawless

Nationality: United States of America

Best Work: Transformers Series

Best Known for: Playing a young lead man who is faced with odds that are against him.  Personally I think he’s going to be one of the greats, he’s been in some good stuff and always does well.  I pick my movies usually by the actors who are in them and if he’s in it – I get it.

Other Works: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; Fury; I,Robot; Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps



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And their associate:


Cricket: Jack’s best friend and business partner.  Cricket is Dane DeHaanpartially cripple and gets around with a slight limp.  You get the feeling he’s quite gifted; he comes up with bright ideas and can easily tweak with machinery and distilleries.  He may come across as a bit weak but he certainly shows he has the stomach for a dangerous situation.

“I may be a cripple boy, you sack of shit!  But I’ll goddamn blow your brains out if you move!

Portrayed By: Dane DeHaan

Born: 1986, he was 26 at the release of Lawless

Nationality: United States of America

Best Work: The Amazing Spiderman 2

Best Known for: I find he plays conflicted characters with a dark or unstable side

Other Works: Chronicle; The Place Beyond The Pines



The ladies:

The Bondurants’ brothers love interests and confidants


Maggie:  Jessica ChastainShe’s first introduced seeking and gaining employment at the Bondurant’s gas station.  It’s hinted she has a dark past that she avoids talking about saying she wants to find ‘somewhere quiet’.  Eventually Maggie becomes a central cahracer when her and Forrest become close.

“You just gonna watch me forever?”

Portrayed By: Jessica Chastain

Born: 1977, she was 35 at the release of Lawless

Nationality: United States of America

Best Work: Zero Dark Thirty

Best Known for: Playing the alphanista.  Her characters are always highly intelligent and have a super strong will 

Other Works: Interstellar; Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted; The Help



Bertha:  She sparks Jack’s interest early in the film.  Mia WasikowskaBertha is the preacher’s daughter and his closely watched by her father, knowing one of the Bondurant boys are trying to court her.  She’s smart and knows Jack could be trouble but can’t help but like him.

“You’re an outlaw Jack!”

Portrayed By: Mia Wasikowska

Born: 1989, she was 23 at the release of Lawless

Nationality: Australia

Best Work: Alice in Wonderland

Best Known for: Hard to stay.  She can play really strong characters yet also the damsel-in-distress softer characters.

Other Works: Jane Eyre; Defiance; Tracks; September



The Law:

Well he’s supposed to be the law but he’s corrupt and a villain if there ever was one


Charlie Rakes:  Guy PearceOr Satan.  He has no empathy and sick laugh and sense of humor.  Even looking sick.  He’s crooked special agent and embarks on a personal vendetta against the Bondurants when they don’t give in to his initial demands of skimming their profits.

“Do you mean immortal?  You fucking hicks are a sideshow onto yourselves.  Sheriff, do you have any idea what a Thompson sub-machine gun does to an immortal?”

Portrayed By: Guy Pearce

Born: 1986, he was 45 at the release of Lawless

Nationality: Australia

Best Work: Memento

Best Known for: Playing characters who are unusual or eccentric, both villain and hero.

Other Works: The King’s Speech; Iron Man 3; The Time Machine; The Count of Monte Cristo; Animal Kingdom; The Hurt Locker; Death Defying Acts


The Gangster:

I love nothing more than a good anti-hero, this guy you don’t know where he stands most of the time during the movie but who want him to be on the good guys team


Floyd Banner: A charming, notorious criminal gangster Gary Oldmanwho Jack idolizes.  The Bondurants and Floyd’s gang are in business together and respect one another but are definitely not close.  He’s your typical remorseless killer but…….it’s only business.

“I got every lawmen in three fucking states up my ass!  The last thing I need is some hard ass crackers pulling a damn blood feud on me!  Now get this sack of shit out of here!

Portrayed By: Gary Oldman

Born: 1958, he was 54 at the release of Lawless

Nationality: England

Best Work: The Dark Knight Trilogy

Best Known for: Playing the villain.  They’re characters who are usually highly intelligent and ruthless.  I guess that’s why I like him in Batman, he can also play an honest, humble good guy too.

Other Works: The Fifth Element; Sid and Nancy; JFK; The Book of Eli; Air Force One; Kung Fu Panda 2; Hannibal; Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy; Robocop; Dawn of the Planet of the Apes; The Firm




Please comment if you have any thoughts or queries on the Lawless Movie Cast.  I hope you liked this post as much as I liked writing it.  

I loved the movie and appreciated the actors who starred in it even more and felt the movie deserved a post of its own.  Cheers for reading and have a good one!  

MCM’s Rohan.

Lawless Movie Cast


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