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Motivation with Movies

Motivation can come from anywhere varying from person to person.  There are a select few though who find their motivation with movies.  If you’re one of them, welcome aboard.  There are movies that make you want to study and learn, build a business, venture out and travel or appreciate your loved ones a lot more.  Nearly all movies can be compelling in some way to call some person to action.  I’ll describe some movies that have greatly and positively changed my life.


Limitless – Brain Enhancing Supplements

After watching this film about a man who swallows a pill.  A pill that unleashes the brain power of da Vinci, the motivation of Tony Robbins and the oratory brilliance of Eminem.  I began a search to see if something actually exits.  And, it kind of does.

There are a few things.  Nootropics such as Noopept and Alpha GPC are the most powerful pills which I find allow me to sit, work and concentrate the best.  These were first developed in Russia and are synthetic precursors to some neurotransmitters in the brain.  Cool stuff.

To add to Nootropics thought are some herbs, vitamins and foodstuff.  Everybody should know about coffee, that little burst of energy and motivation you get after your first cup.  Some people can’t start without it.

What about your typical fish oil supplement?  Fish oil has been known to promote healthy brain function as well as ward off any joint pain.  Didn’t your mother ever tell you that fish is great brain food?  Mine did, especially when I’d whinge that I didn’t feel like fish.  Fish is actually credited with making our ancestors smarter, allowing the human race to evolve into the species we are today.

There are a few others but you get the point, they exist.  If it wasn’t for the movie Limitless I never would have considered chemically enhancing my performance.  It certainly helped me through university to attain a Bachelor’s degree.  And, these supplements/pills definitely still help now with concentration and motivation so that I work on my business every day.


There Will Be Blood – Start a Business

Anyone wishing to become a businessman/woman needs to watch this film.  It exposes the brutal harshness of the business world and the people who participate in it.  There is something else that draws people into this movie though.  You see the chance to earn and work of your own back and on your own terms.  Which is exactly how I felt and made me want to start from scratch and build something substantial.

However, I felt I wasn’t ready.  The main character Daniel Plainview who is brilliantly portrayed by Daniel Day-Lewis is a gritty and determined conman who won’t let anything stand in his way of success, wealth and, above all, power.  This movie made me feel inferior for a while, I knew I’d get eaten alive in a business world filled with sharks like Daniel Plainview.  Becoming assertive and business astute were of the utmost important.  When I felt I could handle the hard grind of the business world, only then did I started a business.


James Dean – Follow Your Dreams

Unless you’re an avid movie enthusiast or you were born before the 1980s, you’ve maybe heard about James Dean but you probably don’t know why.  If you knew he was an actor, you probably couldn’t name one of his movies.  I was the generation who fit into this category.  Now, I know a fair amount about James Dean and love all three of his movies.

I could talk about James Dean’s movies East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause and Giant including how they also inspire me.  However, it all began with the biopic film James Dean starring James Franco as the titular character.  It was incredible to watch such a young man fight for what he wanted and pursue his dreams.  There were so many bumps along the road to which he could have called it quits.  Meanwhile, he received no support or encouragement from his father whatsoever.  This film gave me spirit.  Since for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be an actor too.  So with this, I’ve been trying to replicate the tenacity that James Dean himself had.


About Time – Embrace Family

It is absurd how often we forget the importance of family.  I underappreciate them all the time.  So when I watched About Time with Bill Nighy and Domhnall Gleeson I was reminded that I do have a family.  It’s only when tragedy strikes home that we tell our family we love them so why not have a movie like this one on standby whenever you need a good reminder.

About Time is about a family whose male representatives can time travel.  Throughout the film there are some funny moments but the message it drives home is that your family are your best friends.  Especially near the end of the film where the protagonist and his father are preparing to never see each other again.  Heart-wrenching stuff.  I rang my mother straight after watching this in the cinemas and just asked her how she was, that’s all.  And, that’s all you really need to do.  Just care a little bit more.

Another movie that brings out similar feelings is Marley and Me.  Except this just reminds us that our canine companion probably hasn’t been receiving the proper attention of late.  It’s better to feel guilty after watching this movie then to feel guilty when they’ve passed.  Your dog is your best friend, and Marley and Me jogs your memory of that fact.


There are others!

I’m sure of it.  Motivating movies don’t stop there.  If you’re an athlete, then I’m sure movies like Rudy would resonate with you.  Or, if you’re under duress and feel you can’t go on, watch Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.  These are the movies that bring out the best in me.  What are yours?  If you’d like to share below, and perhaps we can find more inspiration together.

Cheers for reading.  MCM’s Rohan.

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