Supplements That Improve Brain Function

Nootropics are great for studying, working and concentating.ARE YOU LOOKING for a way to increase your capacity to think and work?  Do you want more confidence?  Maybe, boost your productivity?  The ability to concentrate whether it be for study, business or general routine is invaluable to your mental arsenal.  So to harness the brain’s concentration powers is something you’d want to happen, right?  Supplements that improve brain function do exist and better yet, do work.  Nootropics gave me the edge during university.  And now, they’re doing the same with my work.  To me, they are more precious than gold!


What are Nootropics?


Nootropics is the name for any mental stimulant and/or supplement that can increase memory, focus and concentration.  They have more recently been given the more colloquial moniker “smart drugs”.  In finding a nootropic to take – it must have low toxicity, minimal adverse reactions and contraindications. And, depending on the duration you wish to take it, it must be suitable for long term use.  If they don’t meet those basic safety measures.  Don’t take it!  Most nootropics are synthetic precursors to neurotransmitters in the brain.

Supplements that can help cognitive performance.Therefore, the faster and easier neurons can connect, the better our brains can functions.

Studies have shown that there is increased cognitive responses in test patients that have mental difficulties.  Nootropics are also believed to have neuroprotection properties, preserving mental function while aging.

The nootropics listed below were first developed in Russia.  They were primarily used there and its neighbouring countries.  I was excited to discover such a line of supplements exist.  Since, at the time, I was having trouble with motivation and concentration while studying at university.  This is just like weightlifters using protein powders and other muscle recovery products to enhance physical performance.  Nootropics can enhance mental performance. 

Listed as well are some quite well-known nootropics that you may or may not have known are, in fact, nootropics.



Supplements that improve brain functionGreat for motivation and concentration.  Noopept is a peptide that increases oxygen to the brain with better flow.  It is recommended to be taken in a stack with a supplement that is rich in choline such as Alpha GPC or Aniracetam.

It is great for white collar workers who are tasked with tedious or difficult work.  Noopept is perfect for university students to help studying and to improve memory.  Most effective taken sublingually.


Alpha GPC

A useful supplement to improve sleep and concentration.  High in choline.  Alpha GPC is a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which aids cognitive function.   Alpha GPC can be taken several times day and comes in either a tablet or powder form.

It improve sleep by increasing time spent in REM sleep.  The cycle that rejuvenates the brain the most during sleep.  Not only does it improve concentration immediately when taken but also by improving your quality of sleep as well.

A study was conducted showing it has neuro-protective properties.



Very effective at relieving stress and anxiety.  It’s known to be able to moderate mood swings and help improve your mood in general.  Aniracetam is also high in choline.  Therefore, joinig Alpha GPC by serving as a great stack with noopept.  Can be taken as well to increase learning, focus and memory. 

Perfect supplement for physical activities and improving motivation.  For myself personally, I no longer procrastinate about going to the gym!


Other Supplements That Improve Brain Function

Nootropics Brain EnhancersThese supplements are also effective at improving concentration, motivation, memory and mood.  I feel they fall under a different category though since they are either a herb, vitamin or mineral.

Fish Oil

Fish Oil can deliver a multitude of benefits.  It contains high quantities of omega-3 fatty acids which reduces inflammation, blood pressure, and the risk of heart disease.

DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid which can improve brain performance.  It is also know to preserve mental function as you get older.

I take a lot of fish oil because I feel it helps my learning and lessen my back pain from a reduction in inflammation.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba can help improve brain function and enhance memory recall.An extract from the Ginkgo Biloba tree can improve memory.  A tree native of China, people of have been using Ginkgo for nearly 500 years for various reasons.   Primarily its anti-oxidant properties and cognitive performance.

Apart from being a supplement that improves brain function, Ginkgo Biloba can be used as a blood thinner and for the treatment of tinnitus.


Most people realize the stimulating effects of the most famous nootropic of all.  Coffee has been used by civilizations all around the world for generations to gain its energizing and focusing properties.  This is because coffee contains the alkaloid caffeine.  One of the best brain enhancing elements there is.

Coffee has several other health perks as well.  It contains anti-oxidants and nutrients, and is a known fat burner.  It may protect against type-II diabetes and lower the risk of some cancers and diseases.

Green Tea

Another well-known nootropic that is not necessarily taken for its stimulating effects.  Green tea contains caffeine as well but not to the extent of coffee.  L-theanine is an amino acid analogue found in green tea that is partially responsible improving learning and focus when consumed.

More than any nootropic listed so far, green tea has an endless amount of health benefits including weight loss.  It’s known to reduce the risk of numerous cancers.  It can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


What Do You Think?  Nootropics…Yes or No?

Nootropics are worth their weight in goldI’ve either used or am currently using all the nootropics named above.  In combination they more than satisfiy my need to focus, concentrate and motivate.  I can sit and study or work for extended periods of time before I become agitiated or bored.  When that does happen, I just have another cup of coffee or put some noopept under my tongue and I’ll be fine again for a few more hours.  I’m sure they’ll work the same for you.

I hope you enjoyed this article.  If you know of any other supplements that improve brain function that you find are useful, let me know.  I’m always looking for ways of improving my performance.

Cheers for reading and if you have any questions or comments just post
them below.  MCM’s Rohan


I am not a doctor or pharmacist.  Nothing mentioned here is suggested to heal, aid or core any ailment, sickness or condition.  Please remember that only you know your own mind and body so act accordingly when itcomes to taking supplements.  Much of what mentioned here are from my own personal experiences.

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