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The Alpha GPC health benefits go on and on.  The main one being an upgrade in motivation to lift you out of the grind.  When you’re on an uphill battle trying to succeed and achieve, motivation is essential.  Among other things, I rely on Alpha GPC to help me with this.

If you have headache, you take aspirin.  If you have an infection, you take penicillin.  If you have a hard time falling and staying asleep, there are sleeping tablets.  So it makes sense that if you need motivation, concentration or stamina then we can remedy this synthetically.  That answer comes in the form of Alpha GPC.


Alpha GPC is classed as a nootropic which are brain enhancing nutriments.  It’s full of a crucial nutrient called choline which is a precursor to a neurotransmitter acetylcholine.  This neurotransmitter improves learning and memory.  Simply put, if you have Alpha GPC, it has choline which becomes acetylcholine, which in turn helps the brain with thinking.


Who is it for?

Ideally it should be for everybody!  We’d live in a better place if people were thinking easier and focusing better.  However, that is a perfect world situation.  Alpha GPC is for somebody who wants to achieve and wants to concentrate better.


SpecificationsAlpha GPC Health Benefits on the Brain

Name: Alpha GPC (Choline Alfoscerate, Alpha L-Glycerylphosphorylcholine)

Chemical: {(2S)-2, 3-Dihydroxpropyl} 2-trimethylazaniumylethyl phosphate

Compound: C8H20NO6P

Tablet Dosage: 2 tablets a day

Can be taken in a stack combined Noopept and Aniracetam

Can come in any size.

Water soluble, don’t mix with milk.  (You can mix Noopept with milk)


How Does It Make You Feel?

It gives me a feeling of more alertness.  After writing down my affirmations for the day, it’s like I can’t wait to get my hands on something worthwhile.  It just seems that I can and want to concentrate on something I need to do.  Unlike the usual routine of subconsciously avoiding the thing that really needs doing with every other unimportant task around it.


Alpha GPC Health Benefits & Advantages

-Sleep is more rejuvenating.  Presumably I’ve found it’s because Alpha GPC increases acetylcholine which lengthens REM sleep.  During this stage of sleep is where the brain does a lot of its repairing and regenerating so more of this is a good thing.  Plus this is the cycle where the dreaming takes place and I can definitely vouch that there has been more of that.

-Concentration is far more easily activated.  In time, and without even realizing it, you’ll have lazer light focus mixed with some Einstein clarity.

These things are supposed benefits of Alpha GPC also but I either haven’t felt them or need to be Superman to feel them.

-As a rich source of choline, an essential B-complex vitamin, Alpha GPC is great to add to your stack to replenish choline.  Especially if you’re using other powders or tablets that deplete this nutrient in the brain such as Noopept.  Alpha GPC is an effective expedient for the infusion of choline to the brain, easily crossing the blood-brain barrier (BBB).

-Helps with growth such as renewing and growing brain cells.



Alpha GPC is not to be taken while pregnant because the research clearing the effects on a foetus are insufficient.

Squeamishness, vomiting, brain fog, irritability and lethargy are all adverse outcomes of overdosing on Alpha GPC.  It’s quite simple, stick to the recommended prescription and everything will be alright.  You’ll won’t make this mistake twice.


Administration – Sublingually or Orally?

It is completely up to you and whatever you feel is comfortable.  I take Alpha GPC sublingually as to increase the effects more rapidly.  However, people may not feel comfortable with this so it is fine to mix with water or swallow in a tablet form.  The desired results will only be delayed and may not be quite as potent.  I’ve done both and are quite indifferent between the two other than sublingually is quicker.


The Alpha GPC Experience

I’ve always suffered from sleep apnoea, people who sleep in the same room as me say that I’ve stopped breathing then are shocked to hear me gasp for breath afterwards. 

Having a breathing cycle like this during this during sleep never allows restful sleep since the gasps for air, shake you out of the deeper sleep patterns.  My sleep since taking Alpha GPC has been much calmer and rejuvenating. 

I think this for two reasons.  The concentration and focus aspect of Alpha GPC allows me to achieve much more in one day and I’m not falling asleep worrying that I haven’t done enough. 

Secondly, Alpha GPC promotes healthier, more natural sleep.  This leads to a virtuous circle where my more restful sleep allows for better concentration and productivity, which lowers my stress and re-enforces better sleep.


Where to Buy Alpha GPC

Now Foods Alpha GPC ReviewAs always Amazon.  They are a trust brand, that deliver.

I recommend Now Foods Alpha GPC.  Now Foods has a whole range of food items and are highly regarded in the supplement community.

As for the actual product itself just check out the star ratings!  It’s 4.2 out of 5 with over half of users giving it 5 stars.

Now Foods Alpha GPC can be purchased at Amazon at a great discounted price!

Now Foods Alpha GPC can be purchased at Amazon at a great discounted price!



As you can probably guess by now, I am highly recommending Alpha GPC to you.  If you’d like to sleep better and learn at a higher rate, Alpha GPC can answer that call.  Maybe you need to pass the bar exam to become a lawyer, have more restful sleep to lower stress, start a business venture to earn more money and become independently wealthy.  Whatever the case, become your own best friend and improve your capacity to achieve success by increasing your brain’s cognitive abilities.



Is Alpha safe?

Yes.  I’ve had no dramas except when I was silly and took more than recommended.  That can be unpleasant.  Stick to the dosages on the packaging and you’ll reap the rewards of what Alpha GPC is supposed to do.  Studies conducted have also revealed no adverse results.

Is Alpha GPC illegal?

It can be.  Alpha GPC can be illegal or controlled in some states or countries.  I know these countries have trouble with nootropics in general, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Morocco, Norway and Sweden.  But these countries and more seem to be alright, Australia New Zealand, Russia United States, United Kingdom, Canada and South Africa.  Before ordering, check to make sure the status of this product in your own country as customs will not allow its importation.

Which Nootropic is better?  Alpha GPC, Noopept or Aniracetam?

It depends on the user and what you want to get out of these products.  I use them all, and all at once.  And for these purposes, each has their own function, alpha GPC – better sleep and brain growth, noopept – concentration and confidence, Aniracetam – anxiety and stress.

I’ve heard this product can give me a headache?

It may, but it would be a first.  If this question were asked about noopept I’d say yes.  However, that is usually because of a lack of choline which alpha GPC has a lot of.  I’ve googled this question for an answer and came up dry.


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As much as I’d like to be, I’m not a doctor or pharmacist so take what is written here with some thoughts of your own.  This is me saying I’m not liable for brain-dead things others do.  Just please use some common sense, this post is purely my experiences.  I recommend Alpha GPC but no one knows your body and reactions like you do so take care what you put in it.  There is more information about Alpha GPC Health Benefits here.


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