Aniracetam Health Benefits


As a nootopic, the class of supplements considered to be *smart drugs*, aniractam has been shown to promote mental assertiveness.  The aniracetam health benefits extend to include increased neuroprotection and creativity, improved sleep and reduced anxiety.


The Hardware

Being full of choline, an essential nutrient similar to a B-vitamin, Aniracetam boosts the acetylcholine in the brain.  Which is the neurotransmitter responsible for learning, focus, memory and understanding.  Although it is not fully understand how Aniracetam works exactly, studies have documented its capacity to enhance cognitive function.


Who is it for?

For the people who dream big, want to achieve and are ready to work for it.  It allows you to focus on what is important.  I find it much easier to just sit at my desk and work without procrastinating.

Aniracetam is effective as an anxiolytic too; which is a showy word for anxiety nullifier.  I have always been a worry wart and Aniracetam calms my thoughts and allows me to control that constant unease.  I am able to control anxiety and stress much better.


SpecificationsAniracetam Health Benefits

Name: Aniracetam (Ampamet, Draganon, Memodrin, Referan, Sarpul)

CAS Number: 72432-10-1

Chemical: 1-{(4-methoxybenzoyl)} – 2-pyrrolidinone

Compound: C12H13NO3

Weight: 219.4g/mol

Tablet Dosage: 2 doses of Aniracetam ranging from 750 mg to 1500 mg per day, morning and lunch.

Maximum 4000mg per day


How does it make you feel?

Excited yet relaxed, that’s why it is perfect for people who suffer from anxiety and/or stress.  Aniracetam gives you a slight boost of controlled energy which you can use to sit and concentrate with.  Much like the way a cup of coffee does.  I stress though that this isn’t some magic formula that is going to do everything for you.  This product does nothing if you take it and sit and watch television, you’ll just enjoy what you’re watching with more enthusiasm.  It takes self-discipline to study, work or endure, Aniracetam simply aids this process.


Administration – Sublingually or Orally?

To be taken orally since the bioavailability of aniracetam is near 100%, meaning the fraction of the product that is absorbed.  This tends to decrease if taken orally.  Sublingually is higher and intravenous is at 100%.  So lucky we don’t have to do that.  Aniracetam doesn’t take long to kick in and lasts for a few hours.


AdvantagesAniracetam at Nootrico

Alleviates stress and anxiety.  Many people suffer from severe anxiety, myself included and from this comes obsessive compulsive tendencies (OCD).  I put too much pressure on myself and the worry that comes with that is hard to control.  Aniracetam calms me and allows for clearer thinking so I can see the bigger picture and realise that some worries are completely unfounded.

Increases the ability to understand and comprehend.  Personally, I’m unsure whether this is the chemical aspect of Aniracetam targeted my brain to do this.  Or, if it comes down to the chemical aspect allowing me to learn easier with unyielding concentration.

Raises motivation.  I’ve found that banal tasks and chores are not suddenly the insurmountable undertakings they previously were.  Turn mountains into molehills.


Negative Side Effects

Be warned not to go over the recommended dosage of aniracetam.  Side effects include vomiting, headaches, dizziness, sleeplessness, irritability and brain fog.  It can be tempting to take more than what is suggested but do not, it is quite counter-productive to say the least.  This especially applies if aniracetam is being used to control anxiety, an overdose can worsen the symptoms of worry.


NootricoNootrico Logo Nootropics

I purchase my whole nootropic stack from Nootrico.  I find them reliable with delivery times and offer quality nutriments.  I think the fact that they also offer a certificate of analysis of what you’re purchasing validates their authority in the nootropic field.



Aniracetam is a powerful brain enhancing nootropic.  It can be taken by itself or added to a nootropic stack for even greater benefit.  There are some tasks that we put off for reasons that go along the lines of “It’s boring and too long” or “I’m too tired and don’t feel like it”.  We take antibiotics for the bacterial infections so why not to anti-procrastination tablets for motivation.



Is Aniracetam safe?

Yes.  I’ve never had an issue with Aniracetam other than taking too much one day.  As I’ve already mentioned don’t’ do that and this supplement is safe.  For dosages to become toxic, an incredible amount has to be taken, somewhere in the range of hundreds of times the amount of the recommended maximum dosage.

Is Aniracetam illegal?

Can be, I’ve listed some countries where any nootropic is considered illegal.  Aniracetam is a nootropic and certain border controls of have not allowed their importation.  Most countries have not classed nootropics with a banned or controlled status so you’re unlucky if your country does.  Here is a list of countries that do not aniracetam past customs: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Morocco, Norway and Sweden.  These are some countries, but not all, where aniracetam are fine to import Australia New Zealand, Russia United States, United Kingdom, Canada and South Africa.

Which Nootropic is better?  Alpha GPC, Noopept or Aniracetam?

I use each for different things.  Alpha GPC for better sleep and concentration, Noopept for concentration and more social adeptness, and Aniracetam for anxiety and stress.

I’ve heard this product can give me a headache?

Not so much aniractem, if you go over the recommended dosage this may be a consequence.  However, the nootropic noopept is more likely to be the culprit for headaches and that is usually from a lack of choline.  An essential nutrient that aniracetam has in abundance.  That is why for an effective nootropic stack it is good to take aniracetam with noopept to offset a choline deficiency.


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This is my disclaimer.  Aniracetam is not going to cure any ailment you have.  And, I’m not a doctor.  Take what you read anywhere here or anywhere for that matter on the internet with a touch of caution.  These are my experiences and due to individual circumstances may not work for you.  You know your body the best so you know what you should and shouldn’t take.

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