Does Ginkgo Biloba Make You Smarter?

Bradley Cooper portrays EddieWhat is Ginkgo Biloba? Overview


Ginkgo Biloba is a tree that has long been considered a brain enhancer.  Ever seen the movie Limitless?  Where Bradley Cooper portrays Eddie Morra.  A man learns languages in 30 minutes and trades stocks to make millions from nothing.  All because he gets his hands on a wonder pill.  Ginkgo Biloba isn’t quite this; however, it is a great start to give you the brain boost you may need.


The secret of taking the extract from the leaf of the Ginkgo isn’t exactly a secret either, it’s been around since prehistoric times.  The Chinese have been doing this for around 5000 years to improve memory and learning capabilities as well as for its anti-oxidant properties.  Does Ginkgo Biloba make you smarter, do you think?  There are studies that show that it does and some not so favorable.  However, that shouldn’t stop you from testing it out to see if it has benefits for you.  It certainly does for me.


Ginkgo Biloba is one of many supplements that can be taken to improve brain performance.  The derived from this nutriment comes from its aid in circulating your blood and in turn improves mental awareness.



NGinkgo Biloba Treeame:                  Ginkgo Biloba

CAS Number:     90045-36-6

Chemical:            geranylgeranyl pyrophospate

Compound:        C15H18O8

Weight:                326.3 g/mol


Who is Ginkgo Biloba for?

It’s mainly known for improving memory.  If you’re a little absent-minded then ginkgo biloba can most definitely help you with your forgetfulness.  I wish I would have known that while at university, a bolstered memory would have been useful during the exam period. 

Personally I use it now for a bettered learning capacity or as my Blackmores states “improved cognitive function”.  I want to learn at a faster rate while being able to concentrate easier.  It has been shown to mildly help people with dementia; however it does not prevent it.



How Does it Make You Feel?

Ginkgo Biloba can easily help improve brain function.To begin with there is little to no effect..  It can take weeks or even months to feel the full benefit of Ginkgo Biloba.  The average is around 60 days.  It will bring on a feeling of alertness much like having a cup of coffee but at a more sustained level.  Without the racing heart.  So when you do have a cup of coffee you’re on fire. 


Great if you need that extra bit of motivation or brain power at work in the office or studying.


Unfortunately, I found with Ginkgo that I think I’m not getting much out of it so I discontinue its use.  Only to find that my memory isn’t as sharp as it was when I’m taking it.  Hopefully you will see benefits though.  You have to take it for longer period of time than other stimulants so that means discipline in sticking to a supplement regime.



You can take less if you’d like but I always take 3 tablets a day, 1 for each main meal.  Your bottle may suggest otherwise but I like to think I have a steady, uninterrupted dose.  Our body doesn’t store Ginkgo so we have to take it daily.

The dosage above means I get about 600mg per day.  Anywhere from 120mg to this is fine for improvements in cognitive function.


Administration – Sublingually or Orally?

Delivery of Ginkgo Biloba is usually administered through tablets or powder orally mixed with hot water.  This is how I do it and I’ve never read or heard of anybody taking it sublingually (under the tongue, letting it dissolve and seep into the blood via membranes).


AdvantagesGinkgo Biloba, Make You Smarter?

Quite handy in my situation writing posts on a website.  I can remember words to use as well as synonyms.  My research is not as time consuming because focus on facts much better and can easily access this information.


Learning has improved in the way of being able to focus immediately and for longer periods of time.  I am more mindful of distractions and realize when they occur so I can make a conscious decision to ignore them without an overbearing effort. 




Negative Side Effects

An unconditional fact is that ginkgo biloba is a blood thinner.  You MUST consult your doctor before using ginkgo biloba if you’re on anti-depressants or blood thinning medication.


I like to keep things unbiased so I’ve included a link to an opposing view of the benefit of Ginkgo.  It’s a recent study there is absolutely no change in memory or cognitive function taking gingko.  Make up your own mind but I like giving myself the absolute best chance at success and if some studies prove it works and I actually do feel better than I’m all for it.


There are reports of people having an allergic reaction so if you experience this at all please stop.  And lastly, the usual nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, head spins, irritability that comes with overdosing on anything.  Stick to the recommended dosages and these symptoms are easily avoided.



Ginkgo Biloba will help with your memory, concentration and blood circulation.So Should You Take Ginkgo Biloba?

If you looking for a way to get a cut above the rest, try it!  It works for me, it should work for you.  Have discipline in remembering to take daily doses and your memory will thank you for it.  Despite the wonders of ginkgo biloba I would like to say that it isn’t magically going to make you incredibly intelligent nor give you the motivation of an Olympian. 


It’s just a little step up that is going to make you do an extra 15 mins of work when you feel tired.  Or, help with reading that Contract Law book and\or remember that milk your partner asked you to get.  That is the power of Ginkgo.



Where Can I Buy Ginkgo?

Does Ginkgo Biloba make you smarter?Amazon has a number one best seller – Super Ginkgo Biloba complex with St John’s Wort & Bacopin that goes for around $24.99.  It has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 from over 4.943 customer reviews!  If you’d like to know more about this product, I’ve written a review here.


You can also try to get some Ginkgo from your local pharmacist as well.


Other Benefits

Eye improvements caused by increased blood circulation to my head.

If you’re over 50, it may deter the onset of alzeihemers or dementia.

Remedy tinnitus through better blood circulation

Can be used as an anti-inflammatory

Has anti-oxidant benefits



Is Alpha safe?Ginkgo Biloba on a spoon

Yes, I have had zero side effects other than its intended purposes.  I’ve researched ginkgo biloba thoroughly enough to be confident it is safe.  I’ve deduced from the tests conducted that it is a very safe brain enhancing supplement.

Is Ginkgo Biloba legal to purchase and/or import?

Ginkgo is universally legal across the globe except for poor old Ireland.  However, as always, check to make sure the status of this product in your own country as customs will not allow its importation.  In saying that, there is probably no need to order from overseas your local pharmacy should have some in stock.

What results should I expect to see?

Slight changes in memory, focus, motivation and learning capabilities.



I must say that I am not a physician or scientific researcher of any sort.  The comments made here are not meant to heal or cure any sickness or ailment.  Please take what I say with the knowledge of your own body and what is best for you.  Please be careful.


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