Noopept Powder Review

As an admirer of all things motivation, I felt compelled to do a noopept powder review to inform and educate the wider community.  If you don’t know what Noopept is, then just think of the movie Limitless and you’ll then have a bit of an idea.



Noopept is a brain empowering substance designed to enhance concentration, focus and memory.  This supplement also has beneficial temperament and behavioural qualities as well.  Noopept is classed as a Nootropic alongside Alpha GPC and Anipiracetam which are all known to be smart pills.  This class of nutriment was first used in Russia (its place of origin) and bordering nations, but now has a worldwide demand.


Who is it for?

The largest target market are people who suffer from severe procrastination.  Or, professionals and business people who are searching for an advantage in their field or industry.  Every and anybody would gain benefits from taking Noopept.   However, not everyone is looking for ways to improve cognitively. Personally, I came across this supplement during a search for a better way to concentrate and self-motivate.  I felt I really needed help to study for longer periods of time to complete my bachelor’s degree.



Name:                  Noopept (GVS-111)

CAS Number:     157115-85-0 (Chemical Abstracts Service)

Chemical:            N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester

Compound:        C17H22N2O4

Weight:                318.4 g/mol

Tablet Dosage:  2 x 10mg tablets morning and night.

Powder Dosage:  20mg morning and night, under the tonguetill dissolved

Doesn’t dissolve well in water, though I’ve heard taking it with milk.

Can be taken in a stack combined Alpha GPC and Aniracetam

Can come in any size.


The Hardware

Noopept is way of self-improvement through chemical changes in the brain.  Which is really straightforward if you think about it.  Everything we think or feel are chemical reactions in the brain.  When we exercise, endorphins are released, or if we’re stressed that same applies with adrenaline.  There are prescriptions for depression to change the way we feel.  Another synthetic way we manipulate the way we feel is alcohol.  So taking noopept to make chemical changes in the brain to hone our concentration, attentiveness and motivation makes sense.  Don’t you think?  And quite frankly, much more constructive.



I’ve noticed improvements in:

Memory – Past thoughts, dates, birthdays, my recall in general is phenomenal.

Concentration – It is much better.  However, I would like to stress to you, Noopept isn’t magically going to have you effortlessly pumping copious amounts of information into your brain for hours.  Concentration doesn’t work unless you sit down and start.  That is the hardest part.  Noopept I find allows me to stay more focused and continue my learning, reading and writing when I otherwise would have been distracted, stopped or gone to lunch.

Focus – The way I see it the difference between concentration and focus is that the former is the complete single-mindedness and convergence on a single task and topic.  Whereas focus is the ability to be in touch with all things around you, being mentally present and having mindfulness.  Focus allows me to block out the unnecessary, stay on track with my goals and look at the whole picture of my dreams at large.

Self-Assurance – With decision making, I have more faith in my choices and my ability to make good decisions.

Confidence – Such as talking to people, giving speeches or being in crowds.  I find that I’m not caught short of words and can respond in conversation more quickly and articulate.  Once you know this, it feeds itself, you know your more confident which gives you more access to your personality making you even more confident.

Safety – Noopept is safe to consume.  I haven’t read anywhere that it isn’t.  As well as empirical evidence (studies and the like), in real world applications there hasn’t been any short or long-term negative effects.

I haven’t really felt these effects but I see them coming up time and again so I think they deserve a mention.  These include:

I’ve read but have not felt:

That it will stave off the onset of Alzeimers

Increased physical performance such as running, lifting weights, sports etc.

Increased energy

Improvement of sleep

Reduced anxiety

Top anti-oxidant

Treatment of ADHA, Parkison’s Disease


Negative Side Effects

As with anything, everybody’s independent sensitivity varies so aware that you may have  a different response to mine.  It is hard to deduce that the results I’ve received will remain the same for everyone.

I read somewhere that the benefits of Noopept can diminish over time as your body becomes used to its administration.  To avoid this take Noopept for 3 weeks at a time followed by a week or two break.  I do this and I haven’t felt that my body is building up a tolerance.

Try not taking Noopept on an empty stomach, as this can increase its effects.  I’d advise even having just have a little something before.  If you’re not ready for them or never experienced the feeling then it can be quite undesireable.

Stick to the recommended dosage.  Like any medication or supplement, an excessive amount will cause undesired effects such as nausea, anxiety and lethargicism.  Like the point above mentions, the effects of Noopept may go beyong being helpful to being undesirable if one is not prepared.

Read this review on reddit.  I’ve never experienced anything like what is mentioned by this guy, in fact, the opposite.  However, I am a big believer in the unbiased opinion and this point of view seems to be the devil’s advocate.  I have heard that people do suffer from irratility, not sitting still and they’re mind racing but again I’ve never experienced it and only a few people do.


Administration – Sublingually or Orally?

Start taking it orally, just to get a feel for what is to come.  I’ve always erred on the side of caution when it has come to tablets and medicines.  When I felt comfortable I began to take it sublingually.  In other words, Noopept is slowly melted and absorbed through the tissues beneath the tongue.  Simply place the powder in your mouth, under your tongue, and gradually let the Noopept dissolve.  This is now my preferred way because effects of this administration are much faster and more powerful.  Nonetheless, if you’d prefer to swallow capsules/tablets and sticking with oral administration that’s fine too.  Just remember the results will be delayed and may not be as effective.


The Noopept Experience

I wake up in the morning, listen to my iPhone with the earphones in while I make breakfast.  INoopept Powder Review shower, get dressed and brush my teeth.  I have my Noopept, Alpha GPC and Aniracetam in the drawer in the bathroom waiting for me.  That way that I know to take it before I brush my teeth and by the time I go back downstairs and unpack my things for work, its effects are already onset.

I’m downstairs, at my desk, I’ve got a coffee and I’m ready for a good days labour.  I can feel the Nootropic stack starting to work its magic by now and I immediately begin work.  No procrastinating, no floundering, just working and in full swing.

Come lunch time, its benefits may have faded but it doesn’t matter I’m pleased with my day’s achievements so far.  I have lunch and have a take my afternoon dose.  Where there is usually a moment’s pause before getting back to work.  After Noopept there isn’t.

I continue my day without distraction or hesitation.


NootricoNootrico Logo Nootropics

This is the vendor I purchase my Noopept from, or any Nootropic for that matter.  I like how they include a certificate of analysis on any product they have.  It’s a well-run service, always delivering products on time.



Noopept is the best.  If you want results whether it be work, study, personal or just day to day dealings, this nutriment delivers.  I expect the best from myself, I want to reach goals, and Noopept is allowing me to do that.  I highly recommend it, so give yourself the same advantage.



Is Noopept safe?

Yes, from the research I’ve conducted on the internet on vendor sites, forums, other people reviews and academic papers and studies.  I have come to the conclusions that Noopept is safe.

Is Noopept illegal?

Depending on your geographical location, yes and no.  In some political territories Noopept can be illegal or controlled.  I’ve read that the following countries have trouble with importing noopept – Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Morocco, Norway and Sweden.  I’m in Australia and it’s fine.  Same with New Zealand, Russia United States, United Kingdom, Canada and South Africa.  Before ordering, check to make sure the status of noopept in your own country as customs will not allow its importation. 

Which Nootropic is better?  Alpha GPC, Noopept or Aniracetam?

I use each for different things.  Alpha GPC for better sleep and concentration, noopept for concentration and more social adeptness, and Aniracetam for anxiety and stress.

I’ve heard this product can give me a headache?

Yes, true that.  It I recommended to take a choline supplement just before the noopept.  They work well together, the brain get overworked and drained so a good dose of choline supports the brain sustenance.


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I have don’t have degree in medicine nor pharmacy so please take what is said above with a little prudence and common sense.  What is written are my own experiences with taking noopept and it’s worked wonders.  However, what works for me, may not work for you.  More information concerning this Noopept Powder Review can found here.


photo credit: brain power via photopin (license)

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