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Favorite Movie Websites

This page contains a list of my favorite movie websites which I love for all different kinds of reasons.  They’ve helped me out when I’ve come to a film related problem in one regard or another.  Hopefully they’ll have the same use for you as they’ve had for me. – Brilliant website that does exactly that, suggests a movie for you taking into consideration the parameters you’ve set. – This one is a bit of a no-brainer but I just love the trivia section presented with each movie and actor; so I had to mention it. – Again, a no-brainer but the easiest and quickest way to check out how the new releases are going in the cinemas. – I love these guys’ top 10s and everything else they have to offer.  Very insightful stuff; I especially like best improvised lines. – An excellent website to use.  You can quickly go on here to get a feel for a movie you want to watch or to brush over your most memorable movie scenes.


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2 thoughts on “Movie Websites

  1. Hey Megan!

    Yeah it’s great. has helped a fair bit of the years when I’m stuck trying to figure out what to watch next. It’s run by a good guy too.

    Cheers for commenting!!

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