Here’s the Difference Between Amazon Instant Video and Prime

Amazon Video vs. Prime Video

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE between Amazon Instant Video and Prime?  The 2 options Amazon provides for watching movies.   What is Amazon Instant Video?  What is Amazon Prime Instant Video.  

Simply put.  Amazon Prime Instant Video is a premium over Amazon Instant Video.

I watch a lot of my movies through Amazon Prime.  There a literally tens of thousands of movies to select from.  All the latest stuff comes out asap.  Whenever I need to, I get my music from there too.

I’ve always felt downloading pirated movies is a little unethical.  I’m an actor so I do like to support the industry I’m in.  Other than that you also run a good chance of downloading a nasty virus, malware or having your information stolen.  So I like to use someone I trust.

Do it if you wish but you’re putting yourself at an unnecessary risk.  Plus I can’t stand the low quality!

**Amazon Instant Video is now only known as Amazon Video, changed in September 2015**

Options Amazon Prime Video Amazon Instant Video
Started 2005 2006
Movies >10,000s 5000
Video Library Top Movie Streaming Websites Top Movie Streaming Websites
Option to buy extra subscriptions Top Movie Streaming Websites Red Cross
Streaming Top Movie Streaming Websites Top Movie Streaming Websites
Downloads Top Movie Streaming Websites Top Movie Streaming Websites
Rent movie or TV series for 30 days with a 24-hour window to finish once started. Top Movie Streaming Websites Top Movie Streaming Websites
Buy a movie or TV series Top Movie Streaming Websites Top Movie Streaming Websites
Kindle Owners’ Lending Library Top Movie Streaming Websites Red Cross
 Extra Discounts – example 20% off diapers Top Movie Streaming Websites Red Cross
FREE 2 Day Shipping on any product on Amazon purchased. Unlimited, no minimum Top Movie Streaming Websites Red Cross
Option to buy extra subscriptions Top Movie Streaming Websites Red Cross
Prime Now Top Movie Streaming Websites Red Cross
Prime Early Access: Get 30-minute early access to deals Top Movie Streaming Websites Red Cross
  Get Started  Get Started


Amazon Prime Instant Video

If What is the difference between Amazon Instant Video and Prime?you’re looking for a streaming service to watch movies and TV series, go Prime.  It opens up access to thousands of TV series and movies.  Amazon Prime Instant Video started by being a just benefit to subscribing to its namesake Amazon’s loyalty membership program which is called is Prime.

People got on board with Amazon’s loyalty program mostly for the 2 day free shipping.  The free movies and other media was a bonus added to that program later.  Half the people wh
o subscribe to the loyalty program for one reason or another don’t even use the streaming service to watch videos!

Amazon Video Aggregate ReviewsHowever, don’t let that dissuade you.  Go for Prime membership if you watch a lot of movies and TV shows.  Or, if you buy through Amazon often (for the 2 day shipping).  Then it is absolutely worth it.  You also open up a wide array of Amazon’s music.

If you want a taste of what is offered Amazon Prime Instant Video has a 30 day free trial.

The bad side of Amazon Prime is that the subscription doesn’t fully offer all the movies you might search for.  So some you will still have to pay per title fee to rent.  The site is not as user friendly as some other streaming services.




Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Prime Video Movie Streaming on iPadAmazon Instant Video is not an all out streaming service like its counterpart, Prime.  Amazon Instant is not a service where you pay to become an Amazon member and get benefits like being able to stream movies and such.  Amazon Instant is available to anyone who opens an account with Amazon and simply pays as you go.  Each buy could simply be a renting movie or you can choose to purchase said movie.  If purchased the movie then sits in your Video Library.

Amazon Instant is more for those who don’t watch movies all that often.  And that it works out cheaper if you only rent a few here or there.  This works fine as long as you don’t rent too much that it goes over the fee of Prime.  To go through all of Amazon’s latest titles click here.

Or, it is for those who want to buy movies and keep them and watch them over and over again (ahem, me).  I say this because with Prime, the selection of videos may change so you may not have unlimited access to the movies you love all year round.  So if you’re just straight out going to buy movies, there is no point having Prime and buying movies as well.  The Prime membership is kind of going to waste.


What Else Needs Mentioning?

Using a Chromecast was always fun too.  However, Amazon has banned the sale of Google Chromecast.  This was to stop confusion with Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.  Nothing like sitting on the couch using your mobile phone as the remote for your TV.

Amazon Prime Instant Video is only available to those within the US or if you can provide a US location.  There used to easy way around this by changing where Amazon recognizes your IP address. However, now you also need a credit card issued from within the States.  



About the Company –, Inc., Inc. was founded in 1994 by entrepreneur Jeff Bezos.  It is rated one of the worlds most trusted online e-commerce stores and is certainly among the biggest.  It is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Amazon serves a large distribution of products ranging from books, health products, entertainment, sporting goods, pet supplies, industrial, and scientific products among many others.


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