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Phillip HughesToday in Macksville, New South Wales was the funeral of the late Australian Phillip Hughes Andrew Flintoffcricketer Phil Hughes.  Last week, he was struck in the neck by a cricket ball from a bouncer (a type of ball bowled to batsman, meant to intimidate) during a domestic game at the Sydney Cricket Ground.  It was the first of its kind and a freak accident which has left Australia along with the international cricketing community reeling.

He was only a couple of days short of his 26th birthday but in his short life he had accomplished much.  To make the Australian cricket team is an enormous achievement but to be the youngest player out of any country, to hit test centuries in both innings of a test match is bloody astonishing.Phil Hughes Batting

This post doesn’t have anything to do with movies but I felt compelled to write about this bloke because he’s a true inspiration.

He came from humble beginnings in a small town and had a love for the land.  I was born the same year as Phillip Hughes and when I compare my life to his – I think I have to get a move on and start reaching goals.  Just like he did.Coat of Arms of Australia

I love what he stood for – hard work, mateship, larrikinism, determination but most of all, humility.  I love how he represented Australia, with guts.

His death is tragic loss and something I’ll never forget.  Sleep easy Phil.  63 not out forever.

These YouTube clips just about bring me to tears and show just what an impact Phil Hughes had.

Richie BenaudWatch this touching tribute of Richie Benaud’s to Phillip Hughes


Michael ClarkeWatch the Australian cricket captain Michael Clark honour his friend in Sydney


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