Real Life Limitless Pill – This Is What Works

Who doesn’t want NZT?  

The Limitless pill. 


Limitless Writers Block

I felt like this guy.

When I first watched Limitless I thought “Wow. I wish there was a real life limitless pill!”  I have big goals and plans to match but in my life, I find I needlessly procrastinate.  I too, can relate to Bradley Cooper’s character Eddie who at the beginning of Limitless is suffering from writer’s block.  My search for the real life limitless pill began when the credits started rolling because I was sick of feeling like this guy:

Assortment of Pills


I was completing a Bachelor of Commerce degree when I saw Limitless.  Instantly, I knew there had to be stuff out there that could help me with studying.  I just never thought of taking “smart pills”; I’ve always had my coffee.

First off, I started taking Gingko Biloba with no luck.  I found taking L-Tyrosine did have an immediate Coffee Cup of Motivationeffect and did actually help my motivation.  However, I had heaps of trouble trying to get to sleep at night, my heart rate was still jacked.  I stopped taking it since I would be wrecked the next day and not get anything done.  Maccha Green Tea was another option, but it was just like having a cup of coffee.  And I’d rather coffee.

Then I stumbled across Nootropics.  I realized I didn’t need to take foodstuff to give me motivation.  The problem was that I found studying boring.  It’s all about concentration.  If you can concentrate properly, time seems to fly doesn’t it?  It’s also known as “getting in the zone”.  And that is what Nootropics do.


**Here are some of the other things I tried and I suggest trying some of these things as well.  This is because you have to take your foot of the brakes if you want to accelerate.  These things work in congruency with taking Nootropics.**


-Sleep:  The most important thing for me.  Go to sleep every night at the same time.  I know that’s almost impossible Sleepon the weekends but if you’re serious about getting something done or achieving a goal, have the discipline to go to sleep every night at the same time.  I personally need 8 hours sleep.  I was trying to get by on 6 hours to achieve more throughout the day but found I’d suffer more from procrastination because I was tired.  So I recommend sleep for as long as your body needs to.

The worst thing you can do is sleep during the day, it totally throws out your body clock.  I’ve even gave up taking power naps of 20 minutes because I always hit the snooze and sleep longer.  No good.  Also wake up early.  the hardest thing you have to do that day, do it first.  It’s easier.  Even if it’s before breakfast for an hour or two.  This was some of the most amazing advice I’ve ever received.

Pineapple Energy

Another source of my energy – Pineapple. I eat half of one everyday.

-Eating:  I’m not going to tell you what to eat.  Because you already know what is good for you.  In terms of energy though, as in natural energy, I eat tons of fruit.  I also try and stick to foods that complement my blood type.  I’m being serious.  It worked wonders for me.  I’m A+ so eat a lot of pineapple and grapefruits, great energy boosters.

-Drinking:  My main vice.  Alcohol.  Don’t drink.  Drinking disrupts sleep patterns for a start, even 2 or 3 beers at night.  Try not drinking for a month and you’ll notice that the fog as lifted, with crisp, clear thinking.  You’ll wonder how you were ever able to concentrate at all before giving up drinking.

-Smoking:  Don’t smoke.

-YouTube:  While I’m stretching in the mornings I like to put on a motivational clip and watch or listen to it.  It does amazing things to you after awhile.  You’ll find that when you’re struggling or ready to give up, a voice in the back of your mind repeats what you heard that day from a YouTube clip.  Just simply type ‘motivation’ into YouTube and enjoy.


I try to stretch for at least 20 minutes a day

-Exercise:Stretching is great for blood flow to the brain and it allows me to concentrate for longer periods of time.  I stretch every morning and every night.  I try to do some cardio too in the evenings to burn away excess energy so I can sleep better at night.  This is important as well because it burns away adrenaline in the brain which promotes nervous energy and anxiety while trying to fall asleep at night.

Affirmations – Every day I write 10 times an affirmation that I want to come true for myself.  Currently I write “I am highly motivated, disciplined, productive and proud of everything I achieve.”  After 21 days of that, you mind actually believes and therefore you become.  There is a mysterious and powerful wonder  between the written word and its effect on the human brain.


And now….the 2 Nootropics that I use are….


Bradley Cooper portrays Eddie

Bradley Cooper portrays “Eddie”

The Nootropics that I take are Alpha-GPC and Noopept.  For me, they are the two real life limitless pills and feel like Bradley Cooper’s character”Eddie”.

I’ll start with Noopept, I take about 20mg a day, 10mg in the morning and 10mg in the evening.  Over time I noticed that my memory has improved, such as recalling things that happened years ago that I thought I mustn’t have remembered.  Or, being able to read a phone number once then remembering it a week later.  That’s cool and all but I really like it for the focus it gives me.  I get lost in time completing work that I would usually procrastinate over.  My vulnerability to getting distracted has all but dissipated.  I look forward to working every day because for some reason now it brings me a lot of joy.

I’ve read other peoples opinions on this product and they say that their mood can improve but I haven’t really noticed much there.  And if I have, it’s because I’m happy I’m getting work done.  I haven’t had any side effects and from what I’ve read no one else really has either.

The second nootropic I take is Alpha-GPC.  I began taking Noopept first and added Alpha GPC later.  It complements the Noopept for a full cognitive enhancement stack.  I have found that my sleep is better with this product and noticed again improvement in memory and focus.  But not as much the change from when I first started taking Noopept; Alpha GPC had slightly less benefits.  However, this product does effect my mood.  I find talking and being myself around people much easier.  Because of this I much more confident.  It’s not like my inhibitions are suppressed or anything, quite the opposite.  The words seem to just be sitting there in my brain waiting for me to say them, so I can spend more time listening and showing better facial expression and body language.



I remember watching the movie again just recently and the way Bradley Cooper described some things I was like “Wow, I feel that too.”  Obviously these nootropics aren’t NZT but I tell you what, I now feel amazing!!!

What do you think?  Have you found your own real life Limitless pill?  I’d love to hear from you!  If you have any questions, thoughts or opinions about nootropics feel free to comment.  Thanks MCM’s Rohan.


“A tablet a day and I was Limitless……..” – Edward Morra (Bradley Cooper)

Clarity of Thought Limitless


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  1. Great site, and love the info,
    Going to bed for me is so hard I know that sounds crazy but I can’t sleep, I would like to say one thing the gray coloring of you links in the menu are really hard to read, I have problems with my eye’s, and for people like me it is a problem, with some websites I can’t even read it gives me headache, Just a FYI.
    But am looking at the movies, this is what I do to help me sleep is watch movies, Thank you Vicki

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