Scary Movies Based On True Stories

We don’t like scary movies at the best of times but when they are based on true stories, The Conjuringyour hairs stand on end.

At MoviesChooseMe, we enjoy more the motivational, moving and uplifting tones of film but every now and then there are movies we know we shouldn’t watch but do anyway.  Films that we know are bad for our health via a lack of sleep that night.  Anyway, below are the five scariest movies based on true stories and the story why I watch them.

Personally, my avoidance of the genre of horror began when I was quite young. It was my older brother’s birthday party and he had a ton of friends stay over that night.  Unbeknownst to my mother, she rented out films that my brother said were fine for everybody to watch.  “Okay.” she thought, so we ended up watching Child’s Play and Child’s Play 2.  I was probably 5 or 6.

I’m 27, and that ginger haired, freckly faced, and murderous, psychopathic doll still freaks me out now.  And I’ve avoided the horror section in video stores pretty much ever since.  However, in recent months I’ve moved into a new abode with someone who really loves scary ass, horror movies.  I watched Gothika for the first time since its release which just about turned my face inside out.  

And then I watched The Conjuring…………….with the dreaded, based on a true story.  It doesn’t matter though, I wasn’t much a fan of sleeping anyway.

Maybe, the delirium from a lack of sleep had done something to me though.  I wanted more.  Like I was addicted to the punishment.  So I watched Annabelle and then The Amityville Horror.  I was like a little girl in the corner rocking back and forth telling myself “I don’t believe in fairies.”  It frightened me beyond measure but still I couldn’t look away.  I didn’t do it for cinematic pleasure, I did it because these were actual events that took place and I had to find out or know what went down.


1.  The Amityville Horror



“I knew the DeFeo’s very well.  I presided over their funeral.  Jodie DeFeo was buried with that doll.”


Directed by: Andrew Douglas

Starring:  Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Philip Baker Hall

Plot:  Shortly after moving into their new home, strange and horrific happenings begin terrorizing a family.  It’s discovered that the house’s previous owner’s family of 6 were brutally murdered by their own son.  He claims that he was forced to do it by voices.

The Truth:  The murders actually did happen.  Ronald DeFeo, Jr. murdered his mother, father and his 4 little brothers and sisters in 1974.  Later, the Lutz family moved into the house on 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, Long Island, New York where the scene of the crime took place.  After spending only spending 28 days in the house the Lutz moved out citing frightening inexplicable activity.  Years later a book by Jay Anson was written about the events.


2.  The Conjuring



“The devil exists.  God exists.  And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges on which we decide to follow.”


Directed by: James Wan

Starring:  Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Ron Livingston, Lili Taylor, cameo appearance by Lorraine Warren.

Plot:  A family moves into their dream home only to discover sinister paranormal activity at night.  The parents eventually call Ed and Lorrain Warren, renowned demonologists to investigate the bizarre incidents.  Their findings reveal that the land and house has had a history of suicide and murder since the mid-19th century dating back to an old woman, accused of witchcraft, who used to own the land.

The Truth:  This story is inspired by the accounts of Ed and Lorraine Warren.  A couple whose paranormal exploits are well renowned.  They were contacted by the Perron family to determine the cause of the horror happening in their home.  They did eventually claim that the source was indeed an undead witch called Bathsheba Sherman.


3.  Annabelle



“I like your dolls.”


Directed by:  John R. Leonetti

Starring:  Annabelle Wallis, Ward Horton, Alfre Woodard, Brian Howe and Tony Amendola

Plot:  After a horrifying incident an expecting couple move to a new place of residence where demonic occurences take place.  A seemingly innocent child’s porcelain playdoll is possessed by an evil spirit and menacing the couple and their newborn daughter.

The Truth:  This story may be fictional but this doll exists.  No joke, we wish we weren’t.  The doll is on display locked in a case in a museum at the back of the Warren’s home in Munroe, Connecticut.  It’s not porcelain either, it’s a soft innocent looking ragdoll with a note attached saying “WARNING: Positively Do Not Touch”.

At the beginning of this film, some youths are talking to Ed and Lorraine which is true.  Ed and Lorraine went to see the doll’s owners after reports of funny behaviour from the doll.  Things like crossing its legs and arms, as well as causing devilish nightmares, but leaving actual physical marks on the dreamer while they were asleep.  Ed and Lorraine ended up taking the cursed doll back with them after ascertaining a demon possessed it.  On the way home the car was steering dangerously out of the ordinary nearly causing an accident for the Warrens.  Ed had to exit the vehicle open the backseat door where the doll was sitting and douse it with holy water in the manner of a the holy cross.  Only then did it desist its dark power.   


So watching these 3 movies sparked my interest in theology.

And demonology, the divine, the not-so divine and the downright spooky.  My take on religion changed with just a few simple movies.  I was never one for God and all his doings.  I’d never been to church other than for weddings and funerals.  But I think I believe now, I have a bible and I’m reading it.  I’ve always known about being possessed, the end of days and similar stories but I’ve always fobbed them off.  So began my next blood-curdling lesson into the world of the paranormal and ungodly.


4.  Deliver Us From Evil



“I do renounce him.  All his works, and all his ways.  I renounce all evil.”


Directed by:  Scott Derrickson

Eric Bana and Edgar Ramirez star in Deliver Us From Evil

Eric Bana and Edgar Ramirez star in Deliver Us From Evil

Starring:  Eric Bana, Edgar Ramirez, Joel McHale and Sean Harris

Plot:  A New York City Police Sergeant investigates several suspects involving strange phenomenon surrounding returned war veterans from Iraq.  He acquires the help of a reformed priest who is aware of such bizarre occurrences.  What follows is look into the preternatural and the horrifying reality of its existence.

The Truth:  This movie is based on Ralph Sarchie detailed experiences taken from his book.  Sarchie was in the NYPD and did later investigate instances of an unworldly nature.


5.  The Rite



“Be careful Michael, choosing not to believe in the devil doesn’t protect you from him.”


Directed by:  Mikael Hafstrom

Starring:  Anthony Hopkins, Colin O’Donoghue, Toby Jones, Ciaran Hinds, Rutger Hauer and Alice Braga.

Plot:  An American priest just out of his seminary is uncertain of his future or faith.  He is convinced to attend a special form of training in Rome regarding exorcism to only find he is still hesitant and sceptical.  His mind is quickly changed when he is eventually put under the tutelage of an older and skilled exorcist who exposes and confronts real evil.

The Truth:  Here we go.  The movie is based on a book.  The book is based on the author’s accounts of a priest-turned-exorcist accounts of his exorcisms.  Ones he experienced while in Europe.  End credits say that he is in United States still performing them.


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So what do you do?

There you have it, MovieChooseMe’s top 5 scary movies based on true stories.  But here’s a little helpful info for the future.

Houses do creak, squeak, crackle and pop.  Lights can go out by themselves from old bulbs or the like.  Doors slam, winds howls and thunder booms when lightning strikes.  And, of course, people do lie.  However…………however, I truly believe that there is some truth to the stories the above movies were based on.  We just pray that these movies premise never happens to us.

But what if it does??

You have to be ready, don’t you?  What does one do?  Run?  Hide?  Fight, even?

There are two entities when it comes to ghosts, the good and the bad.  Bad ones linger just to frighten us (they’re evil, remember).  The good ghosts linger because they do not realize they’re situation.  Nevertheless, both are distressingly scary.  I’ve never had an encounter such as seeing an apparition of some sort but if I do.  I’m prepared.

If or when it happens, and by some miracle, you, me, us or whoever doesn’t run away like a scared rabbit, then this is what you say.

“In the name of God, how can I help you?”

That’s it.  It’s that simple.  But when the time comes do you think you’d be able to remember that?  Mmmm, maybe, maybe not.

It is said that an evil spirit will disappear immediately while a good spirit will answer.  Your welcome, by the way, we just saved your life.

If you agree with our list say so, if not, say so.  Thanks for reading, ask questions if you need to.  Have fun, stay safe.  MCM.

The Amityville Horror house on 112 Ocean Avenue

The Amityville Horror house on 112 Ocean Avenue.


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